Whole30 Pantry Guide + Grocery Tips

It’s always an exciting time to talk about Whole30 and Food Freedom…

While I’m not doing a Whole30 this month, I want to keep sharing the meals and snacks we’re enjoying at home, so you can get an idea of what life after Whole30 can look like. Whole30 completely changed the way we grocery shop! It taught me to check ingredients first and to focus on nutrient dense foods. Keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you, but just is to give you a point of reference (if that is helpful)! Note: Everything included in my guide below IS Whole30 compliant, but not every product you see in these pantry photos is.

I also wanted to share this because a question is get often is, “Are you always on the Whole30?” Answer- No. It’s not the “Whole365.” It’s a learning experience designed to help you reset and find a way of eating that works for you! Be sure to check out our fridge/freezer guide too…

To start, I wanted to share my Whole30 Pantry Stocking Guide!

It’s also included in my free Whole30 Recipes Guide along with several of our family’s favorite Whole30 Recipes all in one place. Whether or not we’re doing a Whole30, these are the pantry staples we go though most often and purchase on repeat! You can also find my Whole30/kitchen essentials in my Amazon Storefront and in my Whole30 Shop…

Whole30 Pantry and Fridge Stocking Guide Top 5 Grocery Shopping Tips: 

1. Go through your pantry and fridge, cleaning it out and organizing before you make your grocery list. Then make a list of what you actually need. I used to overlook this step but thanks to Ryan I’m a believer in organized drawers and shelves! It also ensures I don’t overbuy or go over the grocery budget. 

2. Plan your meals around what’s available in stores/already in your pantry. Frozen and canned meats, fish, and veggies are great for when you can’t find fresh. Don’t be afraid to make substitutions and experiment with spices and new recipes!  

3. Be realistic about how much time you will want to cook and plan accordingly. Everyone is different and only you know what your capacity is. There are no rules here. You can keep it very simple!! 

4. Have at least three “No Cook” meals you love! You WILL need them because everyone gets tired of cooking eventually…see this post for inspiration.

5. Don’t purchase foods that create a temptation for you/be aware if you feel out of control around specific foods. Even if it is a Whole30 compliant food (a common example of this are nuts/nutbutters that can be easy to overdo). If that’s not possible, at least keep tempting foods out sight (and out of mind) in a high up/closed cabinet! Put the healthy choices you want to reach for right where you can see them/easily accessible. Prime your environment for success! MU has an excellent podcast about this very topic.

Example (of something I prefer NOT to keep at home): Ice cream. I can enjoy it in a healthy way but I know that if I keep it in the freezer I will crave it every night. Not because I actually want it, but because I’ll know it’s there and will think about it. I don’t want to create this stress for myself at home so it’s better for me NOT to keep it in my freezer. If I really do want some I can make a special trip for a scoop or two of my favorite flavor. 

There’s also an awesome round up of Whole30 Approved Partner Discounts at whole30.com!

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Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! xx

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