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  This post was originally published in 2019 but I’ve updated it with more of my favorite products and new resources. Working out at home is much more common these days! Busy lifestyles call for being creative about carving out time in your day for movement and keeping your body healthy. Stocking a home workout kit keeps those goals within reach and saves time!  

Today I’m sharing the (budget friendly and space saving!) items I used to build my own kit, to complete my favorite workouts at home. And, check out my full body home workout circuit and favorite workout streaming programs at the end of this post using these items… 

This post was originally sponsored by Walmart.  All opinions and styling are my own.  

Walmart Home Workout Kit

These versatile items allow you to work muscles throughout the entire body, whether in large groups or isolating.  In addition, they take up very little space in your home, storing away easily on a closet shelf, under your bed, or in your garage!      

 Build Your Own Home Workout Kit!

Dumbbells– We keep a set of 3, 5, 10, 15 and 25lbs at home and it’s enough variety for us!  Depending on the exercise, choose the weight that’s enough to challenge your muscles but still allow for good form.

Not shown, but as I’ve worked out more at home recently I also use Bala Bangles ankle/wrist weights for my fave sculpt, yoga sculpt, and pilates workouts. They’re available in 1lb and 2lb sets as well as resistance band sets, rings, and more. (Save 15% on your Bala purchase at Carbon38 with ANDREAOVE50) These lighter weights are perfect for higher rep ranges that are common in these types of classes. 

Resistance Band Set– Under $15 and great for providing resistance for a variety of leg and glute movements!  Stores away neatly in the included zip pouch. 

Resistance Tube Set with Handles– Perform pulling movements at home with these tubes connected to the (included) door anchor. I use these for multiple types of back movements and bicep flexion.  Zip pouch included with this set also!    

Sliding Discs– Love these to make lunges and plank/core moves more challenging!  

Exercise/Yoga Mat– To provide cushion for any type of floor work!  

Jump Rope– Get your heart rate up in between sets, or to warm up…

Not shown, but nice to have:

Exercise Ball

Workout Streaming or favorite exercise DVDs:

  • I love the variety of classes/levels on Obé Fitness! They offer a free 7 day trial and you can save 30% off your 1st month with ANDREA30. Yoga Sculpt, Fire Flow Yoga, and Sculpt are among my favorite classes here. I try to do different types of workouts when I use streaming than what I do on my own in the gym (or at home) for variety! 
  • I enjoy taking classes at Session Pilates locally but I also love Session@HOME online classes! Get a free 7 day trial, and your first month 50% off (regular price is $30/month) when you use this link

About the outfityes, it’s also from Walmart but no longer in stock! I’ve linked some of my favorite recent Walmart finds below…

Thanks to Walmart’s everyday low prices you can stock your workout kit for around $50 and find a cute outfit to go with it!  Their new site design is very easy to navigate and shop online, or visit a store.  Walmart offers free shipping on orders over $35, same day in-store online order pickup (on many items), and free returns…I ordered all of these items online and the experience was great!

Be sure to check out this 30 minute full body workout circuit using the items I shared today (grab the free download in the post, too)! Thanks for stopping by!  xx

Photography: Stephanie Drenka 

Home workout kit with Walmart

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