Whole30 Fridge + Freezer Guide

Whole30 Fridge and Freezer Guide

Y’all loved my Whole30 Pantry Guide and Grocery Shopping Tips, so I’m continuing the theme this week! 

Today, I’m sharing my Whole30 Fridge + Freezer Guide!

See the Fridge + Freezer Guide below and get both guides sent to you in my free Whole30 Recipe Guide along with several of our family’s favorite Whole30 Recipes (including mayo and ranch), all in one place. This time at home has inspired me to experiment with video editing (a work in progress!), and I created a Fridge/Freezer Tour video! Be sure to check it out for a more in depth look and special discount codes/offers


Whole30 recipes Fridge and freezer guideWhole30 or not, these are the grocery items we purchase on repeat!

You can also browse my Whole30/Kitchen Essentials in my Amazon Storefront and Whole30 Shop. I also saved my Pantry/Fridge Tour videos in my highlights so you can reference as needed!  Note: All products included in my guides ARE Whole30 compliant, but not every product you’ll see in my pantry/fridge/freezer is.

Whole30 Fridge and Freezer Guide Reminder: I’m not currently doing a Whole30, but instead sharing what my Food Freedom/Life After Whole30 looks like!

It’s important to mention that what works for me may not work for you. Everyone is unique! I’m sharing it as a reference point. Keep in mind there’s flexibility in Food Freedom and it can evolve over time! I’ve made lots of tweaks over the years as I’ve reset and then reintroduced foods, all while learning to listen to my body. One thing is certain though- my Whole30 and reintroductions have taught me to be aware of ingredients in the food we buy and to focus on nutrient dense options. For more on this concept read or listen to Food Freedom Forever…it’s helped me tremendously throughout my journey! 

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