Teen Whole30: Q+A with Marisa and Lunch Favorites

Whole30 Teen Lunch Ideas with Lunchbots Back in January, Marisa chose to do her first Whole30 with our Dallas Duo group!

It was a wonderful experience for her and I loved supporting her during the reset + reintroduction. Plus, Saturday morning mother/daugher workouts and brunch throughout the month were an added perk! She also knows her way around the kitchen and was such a huge help with meal prep…

I interviewed Marisa afterwards, asking her to answer with the first thing that came to mind! 

She expressed one of things she found most helpful was having quick, satisfying, no cook meal/snack options available at home. We shared her lunch/snacks for long days at school/practice and they among were my most popular posts on instagram that month! Although we’re not packing lunch to go right now, these are still our go-to’s and we’ve been taking them outside for backyard picnics! (see ideas/inspiration after the interview)

Whole30 Q + A with Marisa!

Q. What made you decide to do the Whole30?

A. To learn about nutrition be more aware of how the foods I eat affect me. 

What was the hardest part for you? 

A. Sometimes getting bored with eating the same things, but at the same not knowing what I wanted to eat.

What was the easiest part for you? 

Being creative with meals, finding inspiration. We have a lot of Whole30 cookbooks at home and I enjoyed searching for recipes online! There are many Whole30 meals my mom makes that I already knew I liked, too. Paleo Pad Thai is one of my favorites, as well as the different flavors of mayo we make at home! 

Were you surprised by anything?

Meals kept me full longer and I wasn’t hungry or feeling like I needed snacks as much. I noticed this especially when I started making time to eat a balanced breakfast. Usually I’m grabbling something to eat as I run out the door in the morning. My energy levels at cheer practice after school were much better than before! 

Any new foods you tried and liked? 

I finally gave jerky sticks a chance! My favorite was The New Primal Cilantro Lime Turkey Stick

Fave Whole30 Recipe you tried this round? 

We made the Green Curry from The Defined Dish cookbook…it was amazing! 

Fave Takeout/Prepared Meal?

I loved when my mom picked up the Meatloaf with Green Beans and Turnip Mash from Snap Kitchen (use Andrea10 for $15 off single order or $45 off a meal plan), and, the Whole30 chicken bowls at Chipotle of course! Chicken or salmon kabobs with grilled potatoes and side greek salad from Zoe’s Kitchen were another go-to. 

What were your fave sauces/dressings to jazz up your meals? 

Sunshine Sauce, Primal Kitchen Balsamic Vinegarette , Primal Kitchen Spicy Ketchup, Trader Joe’s Cashew Pesto, and our homemade Garlic Basil Mayo 

Food(s) you didn’t miss but thought you would?

Sugary drinks (sweet tea, boba, lattes, soda) and cheese. 

Foods you missed the most and were excited to reintroduce?

Chick Fil A Nuggets and Rice!

What were your NSVs? 

I noticed fewer cravings, healthier relationship with food (not snacking out of boredom or stress). I now feel more capable with making healthy food choices moving forward, especially as I get closer to college because I know that will be an adjustment! This experience gave me tools I can use in the future.   

Other things you noticed: A leaner appearance/less bloating. This was during basketball season and I noticed that my cheer uniform was looser around my waist! 

What did you learn about yourself / food?

I learned that I can can set a goal and work towards it and that it’s ok to say “no, thank you” / resist peer pressure around food. I’m really proud that I stuck with it and did the reset and reintroduction even when it was hard. One example: going to Whatburger with friends after a basketball game and ordering an unsweet iced tea instead of a soda or sweet tea like I normally would! I was still able to enjoy being with my friends without a sugary drink! I learned that social situations don’t have to be about the food

Bonus Round- 

  • Thing you liked most about our Whole30 Dallas Duo coaching group: Getting to hear what others were doing at same time, support, sharing highs/lows, workouts, good food! 
  • How did you feel most supported by me? Helping me with my lunches and making sure there were plenty of compliant choices to choose from at home, and encouraging me without hovering!
  • Anything I did that you didn’t like/was annoying?  I do not like smell when you make hard boiled eggs at home. And the one time you forgot to pack a fork in my lunch!  

We love the durability of Lunchbots and they come in a variety of sizes!

The sections are helpful in planning meals because you can fill them with the Whole30 Meal Template in mind…so easy! For anyone not doing a Whole30, it’s still a good habit to have these components as a base and then add your “extras” like chips or sweets if you’d like.

Sign up for Lunchbots FREE printable meal planners and have your kids help you plan with words or pictures. Bonus- they’re also a great teaching tool! 

Above are a few popular combos, and visit these posts for more “no cook” meal inspiration!

If you’re a parent of a teen I would encourage you to ask them if they’d like to join you in your Whole30.

If they’re interested, involve them in what you’re learning and planning! Or if they come to you with the idea, jump in with them or provide support! It truly can bring you closer together and be a valuable teaching tool! I noticed she loved being a part of the Whole30 community online and getting the texts from Melissa. It was wonderful to see her personal growth over the 40+ days! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! xx

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