Favorite Whole30 Mocktails

Whole30 MocktailsToday I’m sharing favorite recipes, to create flavorful Mocktails at home!

My go-to’s are included, along with contributions from fellow Whole30 Coaches.  I’ll update this post as I get more.  Feel free to comment and share yours as well!  

Mocktails are a tasty alcohol-free alternative, refreshing when (for whatever reason) you choose not to drink…

While I do enjoy alcohol occasionally, there are many times I choose mocktails instead! (Per Whole30 guidelines alcohol during the reset is not allowed.) Over the years, I’ve become more aware of the effects of alcohol on my body and comfortable with not feeling I have to drink just because others around me are doing it. I’m confident in making this decision either way, knowing I can still be part of the group and have fun if I decide not to partake! Sassy and Sober is a term Whitney (my Whole30 Dallas Duo partner in crime) coined and we know it’s a totally possible state of mind…

When saying “No, thank you,” to a drink, most of the time people don’t even notice!  

I used to feel awkward having to explain, but now I just give a one liner and shrug it off.  “No, thanks, I’m not drinking right now” is usually enough of an explanation!  The Whole30 has taught me that when it comes to food and drink, I have the power to make the decision that works for me/my life…no apologies necessary!  

If you’re doing a Whole30, be sure to read labels to make all the mixers are compliant, with no added sugars. It can be fun to  offer a “signature mocktail” when hosting a party.  Another option is to provide all the components to create your own mocktail!  

To Build Your Own Mocktail station/bar cart, include:

  • Various Flavors of Sparkling waters:  LaCroix, Waterloo, Spindrift, Topo Chico, Polar, Bubly, and Simple Truth Organics are favorites. 
  • Kombucha– We like GT’s Kombucha because they don’t add sugar after the fermentation process, so it’s Whole30 compliant.  It gets confusing so for more info, read this.  We like to stick with the varieties lower in naturally occurring sugar regardless!  Gingerade, Cosmic Cranberry, Gingerberry, and Trilogy are among the lowest. Recently, Humm Kombucha launched a Whole30 Approved option in several flavors. Ginger and Mixed Berry are both delightful! 
  • Fresh or 100% Juices– These are really just for a splash of flavor…don’t overdo!  Especially if you are doing a Whole30.  
  • Fresh Fruit/Herbs for garnish, juice, or muddling– The sky is the limit, but we like citrus slices (lime, orange, grapefruit) raspberries, blueberries, watermelon, pineapple, mint, rosemary…
  • Bar Ware- Festive glasses/cups, stirrers, shakers, and napkins…get creative!  

Favorite Whole30 Mocktail Recipes 

Ginger Lime Kombucha Refresher (featured here!)

My husband loves this, as do I!  It reminds us of a Moscow Mule.  

  • Fill a glass or copper mug with ice.  
  • Fill halfway with GT’s Gingerade Kombucha.  
  • Top off with Lime LaCroix, Waterloo, or Topo Chico.  
  • Add a squeeze of fresh lime or garnish with a slice.  

Funny side story:  Be on the lookout for GT’s “Enlightened” version of their Kombucha if you’re doing a Whole30.  GT’s “Classic” Kombucha has higher alcohol content, slightly more sugar, and you have to be over 21 to purchase.  I had no idea!  The labels look exactly the same but the bottle is dark.  There’s also an “must be over 21” wrapper on the lid which I completely overlooked and then didn’t understand why I was carded purchasing Kombucha at Sprouts.  Made for a funny story, and I didn’t notice it until after I photographed this post!  

Dreamy Creamy Orange Soda

Discovered this one over the summer…love the “cream soda” flavor without the sugar!  

Grapefruit Cranberry Cooler included in my Grapefruit Recipe Roundup post….

Sassy Ginger

From: Whitney Stuart RDN, Whitness Nutrition

  • 4 oz lemon ginger mineral water
  • 4 oz GT’s gingerade kombucha
  • ½ juiced orange and it’s peel
  • 4-5 ice cubes

Coco Kiwi Spritzer 

From:  Kelly Warner, Show Me Whole Living

1 golden kiwi, peeled and sliced.
1 splash of coconut water (with pineapple juice if you can find it).
1 can LaCroix coconut sparkling water.

Muddle the kiwi in the bottom of your glass.
Add a splash of coconut water and fill to the top with the coconut LaCroix.

Cran-Orange Sparkler

From:  Theresa Newman, Whole30 Coach

  • Fill glass with ice and fill 3/4 way with Orange Lacroix,
  • Add a splash of 100% cranberry juice or GT’s Cosmic Cranberry Kombucha
  • Squeeze/garnish with orange wedge

La Paloma

From the Whole30 archives…

  • Fill glass with ice and add fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (from 1/4 or  1/2 grapefruit)
  • Top with Grapefruit LaCroix, Waterloo, or Topo Chico
  • Squeeze/garnish with lime wedges

Whole30 Moscow Mule MocktailWhole30 Mocktails with kombucha, lacroix, topo chicoAny of these options would also make a nice addition to a holiday menus!  And, if you’re looking for a chic and affordable  bar cart, be sure to browse Holly and Martin…this piece was perfect for our decor/style!  

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful day!  xx

Photography:  Stephanie Drenka 

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