Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up

Hope your weekend is off to a great start! We’re getting into the holiday mode, prepping for Thanksgiving and beginning to decorate for the holidays. Love this time with my family and watching their excitement build for the season ahead!…

My Favorite Amazon Activewear

I’m excited to share these Amazon activewear gems!  Amazon has a huge selection of activewear and it’s hard to know what is really good in terms of fit and quality. When it comes to activewear I’m extra picky about fit…

The Best Pickleball Shoes for Women

I’m having the best time learning to play pickleball! A self described active but not athletic gal, I thought I’d take a lesson to gauge my interest this past spring. Well…fast forward a few months and let’s just say I’ve…

What to do in Taos in the Fall

Fall in Taos is magical! What’s not to love about perfect weather (warm sunny days/cool nights), vibrant autumn colors, and plenty of things to do! From outdoor recreation and relaxation to art, music, and cultural festivals Taos is the place…

Dorm Room Before & After

As promised, a look back at Marisa’s freshman Dorm Room transformation! If you’re shopping for dorm decor and essentials this summer, we’ve got you covered…

Honor Bar Macho Salad

The Macho Salad at The Honor Bar is one of my all time favorites! I crave this salad often, so I HAD to re-create it…

Abercrombie Denim Fit and Sizing Review

Looking for the perfect pair of denim shorts? After trying on several pairs this season, I’ve got two great options from Abercrombie to share! I’m…

Date Snickers Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

Not exactly sure where the viral cottage cheese ice cream trend originated on TikTok but I’m glad I found it! And of course I had…

What to Wear & Bring to Pickleball

I started playing pickleball this spring and have quickly fallen in love with it! I’m a total beginner, but honestly that’s part of the fun!…

No Bake Carrot Cheesecake Bites (gluten free/dairy free)

I love a good slice of carrot cake with smooth, thick cream cheese frosting! I’m kinda picky about it though…it has to have just the…
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