Abercrombie Denim Fit and Sizing Review

Looking for the perfect pair of denim shorts? After trying on several pairs this season, I’ve got two great options from Abercrombie to share! I’m super picky about shorts- they MUST be high rise, have stretch, and not be too…

Date Snickers Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

Not exactly sure where the viral cottage cheese ice cream trend originated on TikTok but I’m glad I found it! And of course I had to try it! It requires minimal ingredients, is super easy and fun to make. And, you…

What to Wear & Bring to Pickleball

I started playing pickleball this spring and have quickly fallen in love with it! I’m a total beginner, but honestly that’s part of the fun! There really is something about finding joy in starting a new sport or activity. It…

No Bake Carrot Cheesecake Bites (gluten free/dairy free)

I love a good slice of carrot cake with smooth, thick cream cheese frosting! I’m kinda picky about it though…it has to have just the right blend of shredded carrots, nuts, flakey coconut, and spiciness.  And the frosting is key;…

Everything You Need to Know About Joining Canyon Creek Country Club

  We joined CCCC in May 2022, and it’s quickly become our home away from home! Canyon Creek Country Club is located in Richardson, TX,…

Sarah Flint Perfect Pump Review

Are the Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps worth the price tag?  In my opinion, YES…100% worth it, and I’ll tell you why in this post! For…

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Boxes

There’s a reason charcuterie boards are so popular…they’re filled with delicious food, easy to create, and beautiful to look at!  Lately I’m seeing more individual…

What to Pack for a Ski Trip

We love skiing and spending time in Taos Ski Valley! This mountain is special to our family because it’s where we grew up skiing and…

Ultimate Whole30 Starter Kit

These items are all time healthy kitchen favorites whether or not I’m doing a Whole30! These are products our family loves and have incorporated into our…

Vanilla Cinnamon Smoothie (dairy free)

 This delicious green treat is my current smoothie obsession!  It’s both delicious, refreshing, and it’s packed with nutrients and flavor! Using Natural Delights Medjool Dates…
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