Primal Kitchen Review – Our Family’s Favorites

Healthy eating at home is easy when you have condiments on hand that are delicious and made with real, good for you ingredients! I’ve learned I can take any meal up a notch with the right dressing or sauce. I want to share the tried and true products our family enjoys regularly from Primal Kitchen! If you follow me on ig you’ve probably seen me share how I use them often…

We trust this brand because they never use canola or seed oil, added/artificial sugar, or other inflammatory ingredients!

Made from high quality ingredients, many meet the criteria to be Whole30/paleo/keto. The ingredients and packaging are clearly marked, so it’s simple to select the right items for your needs. Most importantly, we can count on them to be full of flavor and very family/kid friendly! 

Our Family’s Primal Kitchen Favorites 


A staple product in the PK lineup! So versatile, you can use it as a spread, a base for other sauces/aioli, to bind cold salads such as chicken, tuna, potato, or egg, the possibilities are endless. The original/plain is wonderful but we also love the Chipotle Lime and Buffalo versions. A spicy salmon protein salad over greens or with Simple Mills crackers for lunch is of my favorite ways to enjoy the Chipotle Lime Mayo! 


Available in unsweetened, a tad sweet, and spicy varieties this ketchup can’t be beat. I’ve tried lots of healthy brands and I think this is the best when it comes to taste and texture. It’s perfect to dunk potato wedges or fries into. The spicy ketchup is my personal favorite! 

Korean Style BBQ Sauce-

Love the savory and slightly sweet (with honey) flavor of this sauce! A great option to reach for to use as a marinade or for a quick stir fry meal. Other BBQ varieties available too…

Balsamic Vinaigrette-

This is my personal favorite from the PK lineup! I use it as a marinade or to add tangy flavor to a big salad. That being said, I also love several others; Caesar, Greek, Green Goddeess, Italian, and Ranch! There really are so many amazing flavors to choose from! 

Avocado Oil-

On repeat in our kitchen! It’s usually our first choice for cooking and baking thanks to it’s neutral flavor and high smoke point. It’s perfect to use for roasting veggies/potatoes at higher temperatures. 

Balsamic Vinegar- 

I use this on it’s own, in cooking, or to to make my own dressings! It has wonderful flavor and is Whole30 approved. 

You can find many of these products at your local grocery store or…

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Have you tried Primal Kitchen products? Comment and share your favorites with me too! Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Marjir wrote:

    We love the Buffalo Sauce. It’s a staple in our kitchen.
    Bought the Avocado mayo once. It ‘broke’ within days (in the fridge) and the taste and texture was awful.

    Posted 5.31.24 Reply