Equinox Precision RunningIf you follow me on instagram (and I hope you do!) you may have noticed that I’ve been working out at EquinoxPreston Hollow in Dallas.  Throughout the month of January, I’ll be highlighting my favorite features at this club.  Precision Running is one of the latest class offerings at Equinox.  This class makes the cut.  I liked it so much that I want to fill you all in!  Full disclosure:  I do not consider myself a runner.  I used to run quite a bit before I had kids, training for 5k, 10k and half marathon races.  Since then, I have shifted my workouts to a stronger focus on strength training.  Still, I love group fitness classes and enjoy trying new ones, to mix it up.  I think adding in a good sweat session 1-2 times/week compliments my weight training routine.  All of that being said, I was both excited and a bit intimidated to try it!

What is Precision Running?

It is a treadmill workout designed to make you faster, stronger, and more fit.  This is achieved through a balance of speed, incline, and recovery intervals.  The class was created by running coach, David Siik for Equinox.  The method is known as B.I.T.E (Balanced Interval Training Experience).  This way of training helps you to train smarter, instead of harder by use of intervals for maximum training efficiency.  Using this approach, you can worry less about placing unwanted stress on your body, and the wear and tear associated with more extreme approaches to running.

Precision Running Equinox Preston HollowWhere + Who:  This class takes place on the treadmills on the cardio floor in the main gym, not in the group fitness room.  The instructor is not on a treadmill.  Instead, she takes on a coaching role, giving instructions, cues on running technique, and inspiring you through the workout.  Megan Bursey, one of my fave instructors, who also teaches several other classes at Equinox, was in charge.  She teaches using a combo of tough love and motivation to push you to do your best in class.  Precision Running is a moderate to high intensity class.

I signed up for a Thursday morning 8:15 class.  I arrived to find that this is a very popular class (almost every treadmill was full) that seemed to have lots of regulars.  Good sign!  Here’s the breakdown of my first Precision Running class:

Warm up and Explanation of Interval Segments:

  • Very straight forward.  Megan provided specific instructions on how to set/adjust our speed for the class.  She also gave us an idea of how to pace ourselves and what to expect.  Helpful, as I like to know what is coming!

Interval Segment One:

  • Started running at a 5.o incline which was the highest incline we used in this class for 80 seconds.  We set our speed accordingly.
  • We increased our speed and decreased incline as time progressed.  In between each interval was a 1 minute rest period, for each rest period, you could either continue to run at a slower pace or walk.  I slowed to walking at a 4.0 mph speed during the rest periods.
  • The participant’s running levels varied, so while there were some people who ran the entire time, there were almost as many who walked.  You could actually do the entire class walking if you wanted to.  Personally, I loved the run/walk mix!

Interval Segment Two:

  • Alternated 80 second and 30 second running intervals with 1 minute rest between each one.
  • Walking during the rest periods helped me to recover and finish off the rest of the intervals running strong.

Cool Down/ Light Stretch/ Abdominal Work:

While I enjoyed the class, I was ready to cool down on the treadmill and then complete the abdominal work! Total class time:  1 Hour.

photo 3-26

What I loved:

  • This class is very customizable.  Anyone from serious runners to occasional-runners (like me!) can benefit from the training this class provides.
  • The coaching aspect of this class.  It is so much easier to follow instructions to get a great treadmill workout than to try to go at it yourself.  I know that I pushed myself harder than I would have normally because of Megan’s coaching.
  • Proper running form was emphasized over increasing speed.  The technique cues were helpful, especially as I was getting fatigued and my form started to get sloppy.
  • It was a great workout…at the end, I felt sweaty, strong, and happy!   I also received a message from the Equinox app with my calorie burn for the class, almost 500 calories.  Woohoo!

photo 1-48

Pictured above (post-class!):  myself, instructor Megan Bursey, and Will Yandell from Equinox NYC

YOU can try Precision Running, too!

This class is offered at both Equinox Dallas locations, Preston Hollow and Highland Park, as well as other Equinox locations around the country.  If you would like a guest pass to try Precision Running, contact alison.fyfe@equinox.com and mention that you heard about this class on Loubies and Lulu!

What I Wore:  Ebb and Flow Racerback Tank, Rebel Runner Crops, both lululemon athletica

and Nike Free Flyknit 4.o sneakers

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