Taos AER Natural Deodorant Review


The switch from deodorant/antiperspirant to clean deodorant…

About three years ago, I became more aware of the potentially harmful ingredients in the deodorant I was using. I decided to swap it out for a cleaner, safer, aluminum/paraben free version. I’m so happy I did! But, I didn’t have immediate success and gave up for a little while before coming back to it. Mostly because I didn’t know about the adjustment period you experience as the body acclimates! 

Thankfully, I discovered Taos Aer Clean Deodorant and I’ve been using it consistently since then!

I’ve tried other natural deodorant brands but this is the one I liked best and always came back to. It’s time for a review and while we’re at it I’ll share what to expect when you make the natural deodorant switch! And be sure to use my discount code ANDREA20 to save 20% on your Taos Aer purchase! If you buy sunscreen (another personal fave) you’ll also get a free mini deodorant! 


Why I love Taos Aer Clean Deodorant

The texture and fragrances are on point

It has a silky smooth gel to powder formula that feels really good on my skin, never sticky or wet. Highly concentrated, only a small amount is necessary and one container lasts a while! Because its waterless it doesn’t contain fillers, just active ingredients for more value overall. My personal favorite is Ginger Grapefruit, but all of the fragrances are wonderful. Lavender Myrrh, Palo Santo Blood Orange, and Citrus Vetivert (extra strength) are also available. 

High quality ingredients

Speaking of ingredients, Taos Aer is made with high quality, naturally derived essential oils and mineral powders. It’s award winning formula effectively neutralizes odor-causing bacteria and absorbs excess moisture. 

It actually works…

It’s high performance while still being gentle on my skin. Most importantly it helps me feel fresh and confident throughout the day! On extra hot or active days I carry a travel size in my purse to reapply if needed. 

It’s made in Taos!

I love to support small brands that come from my hometown of Taos, NM. Taos Aer is an all time favorite for luxurious clean beauty! I also use their organic lip balm and mineral SPF regularly. 

Taos Aer Clean Beauty Natural Deodorant

What to expect when you switch to clean/natural deodorant 

  1. It takes about a month to adjust to the change. This is mostly because antiperspirants (containing aluminum) prevent wetness by blocking sweat from exiting the body.
  2. If you’ve been using a product that contains aluminum the skin under your arms is likely in need of a “detox” to open things back up and restore your body’s natural sweating process.
  3. Understand that the function of a natural deodorant is NOT to block the sweat but to neutralize/mask odor. A good natural deodorant will have naturally antibacterial ingredients, absorb sweat (thanks to baking soda and/or tapioca starch), and keep you smelling fresh! 
  4. You might sweat more during this adjustment period. I don’t sweat a lot in general but I did notice that my underarms felt more wet than usual. Just be aware and be prepared to reapply as needed. It’s also helpful to wash/rinse the area with water after exercising or sweating a lot. Then reapply the deodorant.
  5. For obvious reasons, it’s easier to make the switch in the colder months (when you aren’t sweating as much). But you can still make it happen in the summer!  
  6. There are products available to ease the transition if you need them! I didn’t know about these but I’ve heard good things about charcoal soap to wash the area and underarm masks. 
  7. I noticed that after about three weeks, my body and sweat levels had adjusted!

Taos Aer Clean Beauty Natural Deodorant

Switching to natural deodorant is one of the easier and most worthwhile clean beauty swaps to make!

Especially if you know what to expect and use a high quality deodorant from the start! I hope this is encouraging and helpful in explaining the process! What questions do you have about natural deodorant?  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Photography: Dannielle Rankin / AD Media Group

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  1. Julie Krause wrote:

    Taos AER has closed! Any recommendations for another similar product (I’m on my last one) that doesn’t include baking soda? Baking soda has made me break out in a rash, and I refuse to use anything with aluminum! Thanks!

    Posted 3.6.23 Reply