Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up

New Mexico Red Chile Whole30 Compliant

Hope your weekend is off to a great start! We’re getting into the holiday mode, prepping for Thanksgiving and beginning to decorate for the holidays. Love this time with my family and watching their excitement build for the season ahead!

Which Thanksgiving dishes are you known for?

Everyone has their thing, the specialties they contribute whether it’s homemade or a prepared favorite to pick up! And if you’re not cooking or bringing something you’re probably very thankful for your favorite dish to eat. Today, I’m sharing my Thanksgiving contributions…

I’m not hosting this year but I love teaming up with my sister in law and mother in law to create our family’s spread. Over the years I’ve “healthified” some of our favorites (without sacrificing flavor!) but there are some things I’ve left untouched and follow the recipe as-is. It’s a Food Freedom mix I’m pretty proud of!   

Green Salad with Homemade Ranch Dressing (Whole30 Compliant)

Whole30 Thanksgiving Green Salad and Ranch Dressing

I like to start my meal with a salad and a yummy dressing before eating the heavier foods. This salad is a good basic and you can have cheese/bacon/croutons/nuts/seeds available on the side for guests to add as they please. If you have never tried this dairy free Ranch dressing, you must…everyone loves it!!

Sweet Potato Casserole (Gluten Free)

Gluten Free Dairy Free Sweet Potato Casserole for holiday and Thanksgiving

I’ve made this casserole year after year, but last year I experimented with making it gluten free, less sugar, and substituting nutpods for half and half and ghee for butter. It turned out so delicious that I won’t go back to the original recipe! It’s quite the treat! 

New Mexico Red Chile (Whole30 Compatible)

New Mexico Red Chile Whole30 Compliant

Just added my Whole30 spin on this traditional recipe to the blog! For Thanksgiving we enjoy chile over our turkey and mashed potatoes instead of gravy. It’s a New Mexico thing, and since both my husband I grew up in Taos, we wouldn’t have it any other way! See the post for more ideas on how to use it. It’s a sauce, not a soup (chili)!

Green Chile Breakfast Casserole (Whole30 Compatible)

Whole30 Breakfast Casserole

Since I’m not hosting, I like to offer to be in charge of breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving. Everyone loves this protein and veggie filled casserole, and it can be made without green chile. It’s quick and gives a healthy start to the day. I like to serve alongside a big bowl of mixed berries and set out coffee and nutpods for everyone to enjoy! 

Not my own recipes, but use and love:

Mashed Potatoes or Cauliflower Mash: (Whole30 Compliant)

I love both of these Whole30 friendly recipes from The Defined Dish!

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake:

Another recipe I make year after year! It’s such a treat, especially with its pecan gingersnap crust. It’s dreamy with a cup of black coffee. I haven’t attempted a paleo version of this because I just don’t know enough about baking to be confident with substitutions! 

Whole30 Breakfast Casserole

Please comment and share what your Thanksgiving traditions/favorite foods are! It’s so fun to see what everyone does. Thanks for stopping by! xx

Photography: Kristen Massad

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