Gluten Free Pancake Board

We celebrated Andrew’s birthday this past week with a YES Day! Being at home, we wanted to do something unique and special to celebrate, and it was a huge hit…starting with this Gluten Free Pancake Board

Planning the day was part of the fun!

Keeping current limitations in mind, he created a list of the things he wanted to include, for us to review. There were some ground rules but we tried to say YES to as many as possible. It’s always surprising to hear what feels special to kids! The first thing on his list was pancakes and bacon for breakfast and eating at the coffee table. We don’t usually allow eating in the living room/on the couch so this was a big deal, haha. (See more yes day details here.)

Marisa and I decided to create a pancake board with all of his favorite toppings for the family to share. We often make these items for breakfast but somehow serving them in a visually appealing was way more festive! The beauty of building a board is that you can include whatever your family loves. I recently purchased this non slip wood cutting board (for $20!) and it was the perfect size for this…

Overturf Family Pancake Board

  • Gluten Free Simple Mills Pancakes– We made both plain and chocolate chip. This is a favorite mix of ours because of the fluffy texture and flavor. They have a hint of natural sweetness from the coconut flour and you don’t need as much syrup! I think they’re great without syrup, too. 
  • Wholesome Organic Syrup– My kids are picky about syrup and they love this one!
  • Butter or Ghee
  • Strawberries and Blueberries
  • Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips– Hands down our favorite…we always have these dairy/nut/soy free chips in our pantry! Their dark chocolate morsels are great too.  
  • Whipped Cream- Use your favorite! We used regular whipped cream this time but we also love my dairy free whipped cream
  • Georgia Grinders Almond Butter- We love GG nut butters (their pecan butter is a must-try!) because they taste so fresh! Take 25% off storewide with code APRILWHOLE30 through May 1st.
  • Nature’s Rancher/Pederson’s Farm Sugar Free Bacon- We love sugar free bacon and sausage from this brand! Found it through Whole30 years ago and now it’s a staple! Take 15.00 off your purchase of a bundle with code WHOLE30MEALPLAN at checkout through May 31st.  Free shipping included.
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Shop my Amazon Storefront for these items and more of our Home/Pantry Essentials!

For an extra special touch, we even set the coffee table! It was so fun to sit around the table and enjoy a relaxed breakfast together in our sweats and slippers. Andrew also wanted us to coordinate and requested we all wear hoodies…yes to that! 

This was a bright spot during this time at home! It helped me remember that simple and homemade truly is special. Even though the circumstances are not ideal, I am grateful for this slow time with our family. What has been a silver lining or something you want to hold on to/remember during your time at home? 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!

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