photo-14I am past the half-way point, and this is always a time when it is easy to want to quit because I have started to see improvements.  I have to remind myself that it is only going to continue to get better for the next 10 days, so I need to keep going.  No excuses!  This can also be a difficult time, because cravings for certain foods tend to peak at this point.  This time around, I did not have any weird cupcake dreams, but I have been craving dairy products like crazy, especially ice cream and cheese!  I love ice cream, so I am not surprised about that, but I can usually do without cheese easily, so not sure what that is about!

Energy:  I am finally over the slump!  During the past week, I felt much better.  My energy increased, and it was just in time, because it was a hectic week.  This part of Whole 30 is the best part, because its gets easier from here on out.

Mood:  Along with my energy level, this has improved as well.  I am sure that my family is really happy about that!  I feel more able to focus, and haven’t been as easily distracted or irritated with things.  Despite the busy-ness going on in my life, I have been in a good mood, generally.

Performance:  Workouts have been great.  This week I felt like pushing myself in the gym to increase the weight on certain exercises/movements.  Love that!

Sleep:  I can tell this is a habit that will probably take more than 30 days to nail down, but that is ok!  I am trying, and W30 has helped me to focus on improving this.  I am sleeping more soundly at night, but still having difficulty waking up early in the morning.

Other thoughts:  We have not dined out much during this W30.  Its been great for our bank account!  We have spent more weekly on groceries, but eating out less has definitely saved us money overall.  Tonight is date night, though, and I am so looking forward to dinner with the hubs at HG SPLY CO.  It is a local restaurant that is very Whole 30/Paleo friendly.  I will have lots of great options there!


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