This month I have been doing a weekly Pilates session with Veronica Combs.  She is an amazing Pilates instructor, and the creator of Vbarre.  For more on Vbarre, check out my review here, and the website.  For now, we have been focusing on Pilates workouts.  Here is what I love about my sessions with her:

1.  Its a change of pace, and different type of movement.  I love my weight training schedule, but this gives me a chance to switch it up.

2.  Veronica guides me thorough the workout and does not let me cheat.  She is so wonderful at providing cues, which in turn, gives me a more effective workout.

3.  The focus on posture is key for me.  Carrying around a 30+ pound toddler takes its toll sometimes!  It is practically impossible to do Pilates movements with poor posture.  I tend to slouch, which is not good for anyone, especially someone who is barely 5’2″!

4.  I can be so lazy about doing abdominal exercises at the gym.  Its my least favorite thing to do.  Pilates workouts emphasize the trunk/core muscles, and it is nice to have someone pushing me to do it.  Correctly.  

5.  I feel like I get a great full-body workout in every session.  If you are thinking about trying Pilates, you should give it a shot!  If you are new to Pilates, private sessions are very helpful for learning the movements and terminology.

6.  I have mentioned this before, but Classic Pilates is a beautiful studio to train in!  It overlooks Lee Park and is so peaceful.  I really enjoy my time there!  For more information, take a look at their website, www.classicpilatesstudio.com.  Here are some photos from my session:

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