IMG_4375First Impressions:  The Vbarre class I attended took place at Classic Pilates.  It is a gorgeous studio that offers a variety of Pilates classes and Vbarre.  The studio has a clean, modern look and is filled with natural light.  I was so fortunate to have my first Vbarre class taught by its creator, Veronica Combs.  I did a series of Pilates private sessions with her a few years ago, so I already knew what a wonderful instructor she is!  Vbarre is a mix of classical ballet movements, Pilates, and resistance training.  The equipment used throughout the class included a resistance band, a ball, a special glide board, light hand weights, and of course, the ballet barre.

The Workout:  The entire workout is set to an energetic playlist.  I really enjoyed the warm up.  It had some choreography to follow, but not so much that you would struggle if you were not a dancer.  It definitely got my heart rate up!  Veronica led the class through rotations using all of the equipment.  We were constantly moving through the intervals, which made the class very challenging and time seemed to fly by!  We did sets of ballet movements at the barre sometimes using the ball, while focusing on good posture.  The resistance bands were used for upper body work.  We also used resistance bands specifically for the ankles to do hip abduction movements.  The glide board was used for side to side gliding, leg movements while holding plank position, and for single-leg lunges.  The light hand weights were incorporated into some of the movements as well.  The class ended with some floor work focusing on the core.  A former ballerina, Veronica is so graceful and inspiring to watch!  I didn’t want to let myself slouch!

Final Thoughts:  It was a unique and challenging workout!  I felt that I was getting a great resistance training workout, and at the same time, keeping my heart rate up enough to feel sweaty!  Throughout the class, proper form and technique were emphasized, and modifications were offered.  Even though we transitioned into each interval quickly, the class was still very smooth and flowed well.  In addition to the regular Vbarre class I took, there are variations.  Vbarre Burn, Vbarre Blend, and Vbarre Bootcamp are also offered.  Classic Pilates is the regional Vbarre training center for instructors interested in teaching Vbarre.  I would love to take another Vbarre class soon!

Vbarre (@ Classic Pilates), 3303 Lee Parkway, Suite 105, Dallas TX 75219  Phone: 214.520.0386

Website:  http://vbarre.com


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