Erin Condren LifePlanner: 20 in 2020

January flew by and February is here! It typically does, with kids activities in full swing and Whole30 coaching. I have come to expect and embrace it! It would be easy to focus on what I didn’t get done this month, but instead I’m choosing to focus on what I accomplished. And, you should too! 

Consider this your friendly reminder to show yourself grace and keep moving forward with your goals.

Consistency and planning are key, even the baby steps count! One thing I’ve committed to, to help with consistency is Erin Condren’s 20 minutes in 2020 challenge! I’ve been devoting 20 minute chunks of time at beginning of each week (sometimes each day, when I can!) to focus on organization, goal-setting, and planning. This does not come natural to me but the peace of mind that comes from having a plan is worth it! 

Erin Condren Home office

I’m a paper planner kind of gal, and I have LOVED using my first EC LifePlanner! 

It shows my week at a glance and makes me happy to have a pretty place to plan my days. I love all the accessories and how the covers are interchangeable. I already ordered a fun personalized cover to switch it up! (All dated EC LifePlanners are 25% off now!) I also use iCal but having both helps me cover all my bases and keep our family in sync.

During the 20 minute planning times I evaluate my daily/weekly/monthly commitments first. It helps me avoid overscheduling. I’m learning that it’s okay to take something off my plate or push to the following week. Everyone needs margin for true downtime! Once I do that, I have more space for creativity to flow

I’ve also spent some time this month priming my environment and evaluating my work flow habits.

I recently listened to Melissa Urban’s Do the Thing podcast with James Clear (author of Atomic Habits). He stresses taking time to prime your environment and evaluate your current routines is worth the investment. One of the things he emphasized was “We do not rise to the level of our goals. We fall to the level of our systems.” This really stuck with me and inspired me to look at how I’m doing things and work smarter, not harder! I don’t have it all figured out just yet, but I’m looking at my habits (existing and new ones I want to create) through a new lens…

On that note, it’s so important to celebrate the wins! Here are FIVE things I’m proud of accomplishing in January:

  1. Providing support and connection, co-leading our Whole30 Dallas Duo group. This is a joy and a privilege! Our group is doing great and progressing really well towards Reintroduction and Food Freedom!   
  2. Purchasing a new computer (finally!) and getting it set up the way I want it. This is a big one for me. I don’t like change and new tech purchases stress me out. I know that sounds silly but it’s true. I needed to upgrade my laptop and I’m so happy I did. I have spent time learning new shortcuts and how to maximize its features. Highly recommend the Today at Apple classes at the Apple Store and online tutorials!! 
  3. Cooking more of our meals at home, and trying new recipes to liven up our menu. I always enjoy doing this during Whole30’s and it meant even more to me this time, with Marisa part of our group! We did a nice combo of home cooked meals and premade (yay for Territory + Snap Kitchen) for convenience. 
  4. Staying on top of our family’s schedule/plans. It’s so easy to get “in the weeds” with this with all the emails that come through with games, trips, practices, study sessions, etc. But, I have managed to stay on top of it this month! 
  5. Getting on a better sleep schedule and prioritizing rest/downtime during this busy month. This is a work in progress always for me, but it was overall a good month!   

What’s something YOU are proud of this month? 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend! 

 Photography: Audrie Dollins 

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