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Whole30 Dallas Duo Coaching Our January Whole30 is off to a strong start! One thing I love about our Dallas Duo community is the way we show up for ourselves and each other online daily and at our weekly meet up. We get to know each other quickly and support is always just one post or email away!   

We’re passionate about teaching our group how to get the most out of their reset and reintroduction.

If you’re going to put the work in, we believe you should experience the greatest benefits! Whole30 is pretty straightforward, but there are some common mistakes that are easy to make if you don’t fully understand the spirit and intention of the program. We love sharing our best tips and strategies, along with what not to do…

We wanted to share this info beyond our group, so we put together a free download you can access by signing up for our email list! Plus, you’ll be on our list for updates and first to know about our upcoming events…Common Whole30 Mistakes and how to avoid them

In other news, we partnered with Territory Foods to create a special Dallas Duo breakfast hash for January Whole30!

We encourage our group to start their day with a savory, balanced meal and this colorful hash fits the bill. While it’s an egg-less option, you can also top it with a fried egg at home if you wish. We sometimes get feedback that people tire of eggs on Whole30 so we wanted to give both options! It’s full of flavor (and veggies!), a little bit spicy, and sure to satisfy your hunger and taste buds! Save $50 on your order when you click here

Are you doing the Whole30 this month? What has been a highlight or #NonScaleVictory for you so far?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week! xx

Photography: Vanessa Christina 

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