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The Move Project Workout Resistance Training MAT, wearing Bandier We Over MeSpring is a great time to re-evalutate fitness routines and refresh as needed!  Typically I train on my own, following the programs created for me by The Move Project!  I love the flexibility of being able to do the workouts on my own timeline (see my workout section for several others for gym or home).  

But, it’s a treat to work with a trainer and get a dose of outside motivation for a change!  Every so often I schedule training sessions to go over form and address any concerns I have.  This is super helpful when I’m starting a new program, usually every 8 weeks or so…

This is a great workout to focus on lower body and abs, broken down into three groups of exercises…(on single leg movements do 10-12 reps on each leg). Select the weight that challenges you for this rep range but still allows you to have proper form. 

*Perform these movements 1 set of 10-12 reps*

Dumbbell Single Leg Hip Extension- with or without dumbbell

Single Leg Hip Flexion – tip: pull toes pull back as you lift leg to 90 degrees

Active hamstring stretch, The Move Project personal training Dallas TX

*Perform these movements for 2 sets of 10-12 reps* 

Dumbbell Alternating Step-Up- with or without dumbbell

Barbell Squat- can do bodyweight only if desired

barbell squat, The Move Project personal training Dallas TX
Machine Prone Knee Flexion

Leg Workout, The Move Project personal training Dallas TX
Machine Seated Knee Extension

Knee Extension, The Move Project personal training Dallas TX wearing We Over Me Bandier outfit
Bench Reverse Trunk Flexion

The Move Project personal training Dallas TX wearing We Over Me Bandier outfit

*Perform these movements for 1 set of 10-12 reps* 

Cable Machine 1-Leg Hip Abduction

Single leg hip abduction, The Move Project personal training
Dumbbell Single Leg Calf Extension – on step, hold dumbbell in same hand as leg you’re loading

Bench Trunk Flex w/ Medicine Ball- or without ball

The Move Project Personal Training Dallas TX

Bandier We Over Me Outfit, Dallas TX

Outfit Details

c/o Bandier We Over Me (obsessed with the softness and flattering fit of this brand!) Synergy Leggings / Balance  Bralette / Foundation Tank / Nike Free RN (my go-to training shoe, on sale!) / KenzLove Bracelets (save 20% with code ANDREA 20) / O-venture Marble Keyring and Wallet 

Loved training with Billie Nguyen, the newest member of The Move Project team for this post!  She’s fantastic at cueing form and making sure I get the most benefit from my workout!  For more info on training sessions email info@themoveproject.com and let them know you saw the workout here…

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day! xx

Photography:  Stephanie Drenka 

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