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We’re almost halfway into our January Whole30!  It’s been smooth sailing so far, thanks to all the meal prepping we’ve done each week.  One of our goals has been to shop and cook more efficiently, not necessarily spend more time doing it!  

Deciding on our menu before each week begins has been a huge timesaver!  By planning and prepping for the week, we don’t have to cook every night.  This has saved us in this busy season, when we’d normally be tempted to dine out at the last minute!  With a full family schedule, simple Whole30 meals are a priority.  Below, I’m showing some of the ingredients I stock in my fridge for everyday Whole30 meals in a flash!  I’ve included breakfast, lunch, and dinner examples to show you that the Whole30 can be simple and delicious without being complicated!


This combo is actually what I eat for breakfast 99% of the time!  Occasionally I’ll make a frittata or casserole, but honestly I’m a creature of habit.  If I have extra leftover veggies, I might throw them in the pan with my eggs, but other than that, I keep it the same.  I scramble 3 eggs in a bit of ghee, and serve with 1/4-1/2 of an avocado, cherry tomatoes, and a banana.  I usually drink 2 or 3 cups of black coffee throughout the morning, switching to caffeine free beverages after noon.  Lately, I’ve been adding nutpods and/or Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to one of the cups of coffee…yum!     

How to Whole30 Lunch:  

We always prep chicken breasts, sweet (or other) potato wedges, and  ranch dressing at the beginning of the week.  These three things are essentials in our fridge!  For lunch I usually reheat a piece of chicken, add salad greens (any variety that sounds good!) and veggies, and drizzle with dressing.  My other go-to is Tessemae’s Balsamic Vinaigrette.    

It’s an easy meal that takes less than 5 minutes to put together if everything is prepped.  If you don’t have time to chop veggies, buy the pre-cut and ready to go variety!  If I need more at this meal or if I’ve just worked out, I’ll add potatoes or fruit.  More Whole30 lunch ideas here


Crock Pot can be your best friend when you’re doing the Whole30!  Throw in a roast, spices, and veggies in the morning, and you’ll have dinner ready when you get home!  This week I used the recipe for Italian Pot Roast from the new Whole30 Cookbook.  It’s one of their recipe remixes, designed for the meat leftovers to be used to create 2 – 3 other different meals!  This recipe included yukon gold potatoes, onion, carrots, and fennel, but I also baked some sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts to have for later.  On nights that I do cook, I try to maximize my time in the kitchen by prepping a couple of extra things!

Another timesaver is ordering high quality beef, chicken, pork, and eggs from a local store that offers delivery.  All of the meals in this post were planned using part of our recent order from The Provision House!  I love to shop there because it’s local, farm fresh, and convenient!  

TPH is a family owned and operated business and the storefront for 2S Ranch (their ranch, located 50 miles west of DFW).  They stock many cuts of grass fed/grass finished beef from 2S.  Bone broths/stocks are also available!  TPH also partners with Holleman Farms in Greenville, TX, to offer pasture raised eggs, chicken, and pork…  

Their goal is to provide their customers with the purest, healthiest & best tasting meats around!  You can pick up your meats at the store in Richardson, have them delivered within the DFW metroplex, or cold shipped.  And, The Provision House is currently offering FREE delivery on orders over $75!  If you’re in the  Dallas area, be sure to stop by their store…they also have a great selection of culinary and home goods and gifts, along with thoughtful children’s items.  

*Whole30 Tip:  Be sure to have an Emergency Food Stash!  

Important for when your plans change, you’re unexpectedly hangry, or running late!  Having a few of these stashed in your car, handbag, and gym bag can be a lifesaver!  My favorites are RX Bar, Epic Bar, and Lara Bar.  Just be sure to check ingredients, because not all flavors are Whole30 compliant!  One of my favorite combos to pack is a Chicken Sriracha Epic Bar, sliced cucumbers and baby carrots, and a handful of raw cashews.  A bag of nuts is also good to keep handy, but be aware of portions!  Fruit and olives also make great portable snacks!  

 For more info on the meal and snack suggestions in today’s post, be sure to check out the Whole30  Meal Template and Travel Guide.  And, see this post for more of my favorite Whole30 kitchen and food timesavers!  Are you doing the January Whole30?  What are some strategies you use to save time or ways you maximize your time in the kitchen?  Please comment and share!      

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!    

Photography:  Mary Summers

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