January Whole30 | Week Two Dinner Menu

january Whole30Hi everyone!  For those of you doing the Whole30, hope you had a great first week!  I know it can be tough to adjust, especially if it’s your first time.  But hang in there, because it only gets better from here!  

As a way to check in on your journey this month, refer to two of my favorite Whole30 resources.  I keep Whole30 Timeline and Meal Template within reach all month long!  These tools help me troubleshoot and adjust my plan as needed.  

  • The meal template is especially important because if you’re new to the Whole30, its actually common to under-eat and feel low in energy.  This happened to me the first time.  Once I reviewed the template, I realized I needed to replace the grains I’d taken out with more veggies and healthy fats.  Once I adjusted this, my energy levels increased and I started to feel great!  
  • The timeline is a good reference of what to expect over the 30 days.  It’s not the exact same for everyone, but it’s pretty close and it a fun to read post!

I’m sharing my menu for the upcoming week, in time for your weekend grocery shopping!  Once again, I’m reviewing my schedule and choosing meals based on how much time I have to cook.  This week is richly scheduled (as Melissa Hartwig would say!) so I’ve chosen things that are easy to prep or do ahead.  I’ll be sharing more about “What a Whole30 Day Looks Like for Me” later this week, along with some time-saving tips.  But first, I wanted to get the menu out… 

I just have to say, I’m really enjoying the new Whole30 Cookbook (get it for $18)!  One of my favorite things about it are the Recipe Remixes, showing you how to make one dish and then use the leftovers to easily create another.  It maximizes your time in the kitchen and ensures you use up all your ingredients so there’s no waste!  I’ve included one of these in this week’s line up.

Sunday:  Slow Cooker Italian Pot Roast (Recipe Remix, from the Whole30 Cookbook)

Pulling out the crockpot on meal prep day!  Pot roast is a family favorite and super easy to make.  To add another vegetable to this meal, I’m going to bake a batch of brussels sprouts (from last week’s menu).  If you don’t have the cookbook, this pot roast recipe is another good one…  

Monday:  Buffalo Chicken Casserole 

An all-time Whole30 favorite in our house!  If you love buffalo chicken flavor, you’ve got to try this!  It takes an hour to bake, but it’s very simple to make.  I’m actually making this tonight to take to a Whole30 potluck with friends (yay for #FriendsWhoWhole30)!  I’m going to double the recipe to have one for Monday night, our most activity filled night of the week.    

Tuesday:  Red Curry with Chicken & Vegetables, served with Cauli Rice 

As I was looking back on old Whole30 posts, I came across this recipe from “It Starts With Food.”  I made this during my very first round of Whole30, back in 2013!  I love this recipe and had almost forgotten about it.  

In ISWF they have a section of “Master Recipes” where it shows you how to mix and match proteins, veggies, and spices to create your own meals based on your preferences.  This was my intro into real cooking and it was eye-opening to look back on my thoughts about this from almost four years ago!  Fun to see how much I’ve grown/how far I”ve come in my wellness journey!  

I’m going to prep extra cauliflower rice (using this recipe) and chicken when I make this on Tuesday so I’ll have leftovers for Thursday night’s Fajitas!    

Wednesday: Beef and Broccoli Slaw Lettuce Wraps (Recipe Remix, from the Whole30 Cookbook

Find another great Asian Lettuce Wrap recipe here

Thursday: Chicken Fajitas with Cauli Rice, Guacamole, and Salsa

  • I’ll already have my chicken and rice prepped, so I’ll just need to take care of the sides.
  • Melt a bit of ghee in a large pan
  • Add sliced bell pepper strips, onions, and mushrooms (season with a bit of salt, pepper, and chili powder) and sauté until softened.  
  • Add chicken to the pan to warm it up.   
  • Make guacamole using avocados, onion, garlic, cilantro, salt, pepper, and lime.  I don’t have a recipe, I just eyeball it!
  • Warm the rice in the microwave or oven
  • Serve with your favorite homemade or store bought compliant salsa…done!

Friday:  Leftovers or Take Out! 

Be sure to check out last week’s post for some lunch and snack ideas…

Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to comment and share what you’re making this coming week!  

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