photo-18I am so glad that we decided to commit to doing a Whole 30 before the holidays!  This time, I made it easy on myself by planning ahead and using recipes I was already familiar with.  And, I had more help!  After doing this twice with me, my hubby “knows the drill,” and can do the shopping on his own if need be.  He is super helpful with meal prep and dishes, too.  (My least favorite thing about the Whole 30 is all of the dishes that you end up doing!)  So, here are my results and thoughts upon finishing this Whole 30:

A Healthier Mindset:  We are heading into the holiday season on a great note.  I am more mindful of what and why I eat.  This will be helpful, heading into a season that can be (too) filled with indulgence!  My strategy is to choose and enjoy the things I really love, and pass on the things that aren’t as special.

Sleep and Rest:  This is the area that has changed, but there is still room for improvement.  Ryan did much better with this than I did.  It has made a big difference for him, as he wakes up at 4:30 am!  He feels much more rested.  At first, it was hard for me to embrace going to bed and waking up earlier.  But, for most of the time, I stuck to it and I noticed a huge difference in how I felt when I did.  It’s one of those things that I know is good for me, but I don’t always want to do.  I am going to do my best to continue this new sleep/wake schedule because the benefits are great!

Unplugged:  Wow, this was difficult for me!  I knew that I was dependent on my phone/computer, but didn’t realize how much!  It was tough to shut everything down early and wait until morning to check email, social media, etc.  I was successful in doing this some nights, and not so successful other nights!  Long term, I probably won’t stick to this, but it has made me more aware of this habit.  I  realize that going unplugged from time to time is a good and healthy thing!

Goodbye Cravings:  Goodbye cravings, hello tiger blood!  Probably one of my favorite things about W30 is that if you follow it 100%, it does an amazing job of cutting out cravings.  After the first (tough) week, I felt a reduction in sugar and processed food cravings.  Granted, I was not eating much of these types of foods since my last one, but I had added a few back in and I knew it was time to clean it up.  Once those cravings are lessened, you think about food less often and don’t feel as hungry between meals.  You become able to thoroughly enjoy real, clean food.

Weight:  This was not part of my goals, but I lost a few pounds during this W30 without trying at all.  I did not restrict calories, or count anything.  I basically just ate when I was hungry, and stopped when I was satisfied.  If I needed a snack, I had one.  I never skipped meals.  I feel much more in tune with my body’s natural hunger cues!  This means a lot coming from a person who used to track and count every calorie!

Going Forward:  I wasn’t joking about the “tiger blood” thing…both Ryan and I are feeling awesome! Improved energy, digestion, and sleep are just a few of the results.  We are going to take the approach of adding certain things back in, being honest with ourselves in how our bodies react, and deciding what is “worth it” to have from time to time.  We love this way of eating, and will continue to stay close to its guidelines and “off roading” sometimes.

For those of you who did the Whole 30 this time around, how did you do?





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  1. Thanks for being such a great inspiration in this Whole 30 process! I’m really glad I did it!

    Posted 11.22.13 Reply
    • admin wrote:

      Hey Natalie! Glad you did it along with me…I learned a lot from you!

      Posted 11.22.13 Reply