it’s simple: for every bar you buy, we give a packet of life-saving food to a child in need. we eat together.             –This Bar Saves Lives

74PNzwYspR-w5VYhuU4NvCf1Kuyhq8yeEkc6dOrk3s_Pwr_UjDtC1V5sy--jEuixdzI_NVD8Nwez5aknFsQF1M_grande Growing kids need to snack…it’s a fact!

And, I try my best to keep our pantry stocked with healthy snacks that have the nutrients they need.  As we prepare to head back to school, its essential to have options ready, for when you need to grab something and go.  As I’ve learned more about healthy eating over the years, I’ve become more selective with what I purchase, especially when it comes to bars!

Recently I was introduced to the bars from This Kid Saves Lives.  We tried them on our road trip to New Mexico and everyone enjoyed them.  I was partial to Wild Berry, and the kids favorite was Chocolate Chip.  These bars not only meet my criteria for healthy, whole ingredients, they also appeal to our family’s desire to give back to those in need.


As an ambassador for This Bar Saves Lives, I’m thrilled to spread the word about this wonderful brand that tackles the issue of healthy snacks for kids here, as well as malnutrition and hunger in children across the world!

this kid saves livesHere’s what you need to know about This Bar Saves Lives:

Have you tried these bars yet?  What do you think?  Thanks for stopping by!

**Although these bars were gifted to me, compliments of This Bar Saves Lives to try, the opinions in this post are completely my own…  

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  1. Andrea,
    What a great company! I’m always looking for good nut-free and gluten-free bars. They almost don’t exist. Thank you for sharing these. I’ll be picking them up today!

    Posted 8.5.15 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Alicia! They can be tough to find, right?! My kids loved these ones and I love that the company gives back to those in need…its a win-win 🙂 Let me know what you think of them once you get a chance to try them. Hope you all are enjoying the last days of summer before school!

      Posted 8.6.15 Reply