Plum Yoga | EquinoxMy Sweat Schedule is back once again!  

As I’m get busier during this time of year, I like to post it for accountability.  It helps me stay consistent with my workouts.  It’s way too easy to over-schedule and not take the time to fit them in.  If I plan ahead and schedule them each week, they are more likely to happen.  Plus, I know that if I make the time to work out I feel so much better physically and mentally!  Another strategy I use to stay accountable is to make a “fit date” with friends or family.  It usually turns into a workout and catch up session, saving time and keeping me connected to people I care about!    

Do you struggle with this during the busy holiday season too?  How do you stay on track?  In the coming weeks, I’m going to be sharing the ways I maintain balance in fitness and nutrition, while also enjoying a little holiday fun along the way!  If you have any questions or things you’d like me to cover, please comment and let me know…I would love to hear your feedback!    

Precision Running has become my go-to class to jump start my week!  

Plus, I really have felt an improvement in my running form and technique thanks to the coaching from Crystal Pollard at Equinox Preston Hollow!  (If you’d like to try this class complimentary, just email chiyo.fraser@equinox.com and mention you heard about it here.)

I am also excited to be headed back to Plum Yoga on Thursday for Open Yoga…

Hoping I can stick around afterwards and treat myself to a cup of their wonderful tea!  Check out their class schedule and a special offer of 10 days for $10

In addition to these two classes I’m also planning to complete my resistance training program from The Move Project for the remaining days.  My goal is to add on 20-30 minutes of cardio intervals after weights.  Sunday is my rest day!

What are you looking forward to this week, workout-wise?  Thanks for stopping by!   


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