September Whole30 | Labor Day Weekend

royal-blue-grocery-highland-park-village-7684Is everyone as excited for the long weekend as I am?  After the last two crazy weeks, I’m looking forward to a few laid back days at home!  One of the things I’ll be doing is prepping for the #SeptemberWhole30, and starting on Labor Day.  If you’ve been reading L&L a while, you already know that the Whole30 is a program I do a few times a year as a nutritional reset.  It’s not a cleanse or traditional diet…I like to think of it as the non-diet!  Are any of you doing it this month?  I would love to have you on board if you’re interested!  (If you’re a new reader, be sure to check out the Whole30 section in my menu bar above and whole30.com for more info.  For a more detailed post about my Whole30 journey, click here.)  

September Whole30 Yes, the Whole30 focuses on food, but it’s so much more than that!  Food is just the beginning.  It also helps me get in touch with how food is affecting my overall health and how I feel on a day to day basis.  It has played a key role in developing a healthier relationship with food, my body, and just being more aware of my patterns and habits in general.  

The Whole30 changed my life and perspective in these areas!  For many people weight loss is an added benefit, but not the focus of this program as much as overall health is.  Tuning into your body and noticing those #NonScaleVictories in your health/life becomes more important than obsessing over numbers (on the scale, body fat, etc).    

My last Whole30 was in January, so it’s been a while since I’ve done a full 30 days of no (added) sugars, grains, alcohol, dairy, or legumes.  I’d planned to do it over the summer, but ended up feeling like I didn’t really need to…and, this is a good thing!!  I was feeling comfortable with how I was eating and had discovered a great balance with food for me.  That’s pretty much the goal of the program, to find a sustainable plan that works for you and helps you to be more healthy overall.  I decided to jump in on it this month because I’m feeling in need of a reset after summer, and want to feel my best heading into fall!

Through the Whole30 I’ve learned which foods can be problematic for me.  When I’m not doing the Whole30, I continue to eat Whole30ish most of the time.  I add the foods back in that are worth it to me in a moderate way.  Through trial and error, I’ve learned what my limits are and how my body responds to certain foods.  By no means am I perfect, I still have difficult days from time to time.  But, I feel more relaxed and in control around food than I ever have in my adult life.  I don’t beat myself up over my choices when I do choose to indulge.  Its a game changer, and I’ve found food freedom through this program.  If you’ve ever struggled with issues with food and/or body image, you know how big of a statement this can be!

New and different for the #SeptemberWhole30:  

(1.)  This is an official Whole30.”  Anyone can start at any time, but during an official Whole30, there will be even more resources provided to help you be successful and hold you accountable.  They already do an amazing job of supporting the Whole30 community through their emails and social media, but be on the lookout for extras this month!  

(2.)  The #SeptemberWhole30 is coordinated with the release of Melissa Hartwig’s brand new book, Whole30 Food Freedom Forever.  This new book will focus on life after your Whole30, and how to find freedom from bad habits, guilt, and anxiety around food.  I’ve pre-ordered my copy, and can’t wait to read it to further my knowledge on this subject!  What to do after you’ve completed the 30 days can be the most challenging part for a lot of people!

(3.)  Whole30 has partnered with Real Plans, an online service that can help you with approved recipes and meal planning for your Whole30.  It saves time and money, and because it’s highly customizable to suit your preferences and built specifically for this program.  It will even generate menus and shopping lists for you!

If you decide to join in on the fun (yes, it is fun…I promise!), be sure to sign up and read this post for everything you need to know to get started on September 5th.  They even have put together a Whole30 Labor Day Menu just in case you’re planning to host or attend a party on the starting date.  I also recommend getting The Whole30 book and downloading/ printing out the free Whole30 resources (shown below).  

I’d love to have you on board, and it’s would be awesome to be able to support each other over the 30 days.  I’ll also be posting as we go here, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, so be sure you’re following and let me know how you’re doing!  (I’m @loubiesandlulu on all of them.)

royal-blue-grocery-highland-park-village-7747 royal-blue-grocery-highland-park-village-7694 Whole30 Shopping List

Thanks for stopping by!  As always, feel free to leave a comment if you are joining in or have a question.  Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!  xo

Photography:  Stephanie Drenka

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  1. Elaine Torres wrote:

    This is my first Whole 30. My 17 year old daughter may be doing it too. I’m currently training for a Half Ironman so it should be interesting. Lots of exercise but I feel like poop so I can’t wait to feel lean and efficient again!

    Posted 9.2.16 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Oh wow! Congrats on taking on that challenge, good for you! Be sure that you are eating enough to fuel your activities, especially in the first week when you’re adjusting to it. Sometimes it can be hard to gauge when doing it for the first time. If you haven’t already, take a look at the meal template for guidance on portions and timing before and after workouts. It’s really helpful! It’s always great to have family on board, too 🙂 Keep me posted on how you all are doing!


      Posted 9.3.16 Reply