An impromptu (mini) Whole30 Reset…

This is sort of an impulsive post, but wanted to share what led me to decide it was time to start a mini Whole30 reset on Monday.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know that the Whole30 and Food Freedom are a huge part of my healthy living journey.  (If you have no clue what I’m talking about, get caught up here…)

Too many things, all the emotions…

Just to give you an idea of my context…it’s the middle of May.  Parents everywhere are crawling to the finish line, to the elusive end of the school year!  This is the month where a lot of fun, exciting things are happening, but it’s so much to keep up with.  All at once, and throw in mixed emotions of another school year coming to an end.  Personally, I’ve felt extra sappy/teary with one kid going into high school next year and the other finishing kindergarten.  We are so ready for summer.  Kind of.         

The last time I completed a full Whole30 was in January.  It was the perfect way to reset going into an new year.  Since then, I’ve continued in my Food Freedom.  For us, that means we eat Whole30-ish most of the time, while adding in a few things that are worth it to us and bring enjoyment to our healthy lifestyle.  For me, that means sometimes I’m relaxed on added sugars, some dairy, tortilla chips when we eat Tex-Mex, and enjoy alcohol occasionally.  But, I’m the first to admit I don’t always get it right!  It can be a slow slide to feeling out of control.  Being in a “good place” when it comes to my relationship with food takes work and is a learning process!

Signs and Red Flags:  

For the most part, I can occasionally add these foods in and continue to feel great.  But lately, I’ve noticed I’m not managing everyday stress very well, my skin has been acting up, digestion feels off, and I feel tired more often than usual.  I’m guilty of staying up late and not getting enough sleep.  Oh, and I’ve been craving sweets more often.  That’s usually the biggest red flag for me!  

After a weekend of Mother’s Day treats, a couple of adulty beverages, and not enough sleep, I woke up Monday morning feeling bloaty and foggy headed.  I didn’t like it.  I’m in tune with my body enough to know it was time to go back to the (Whole30) basics and do a mini reset.  (Note:  If you are a Whole30 newbie, you’ll need to start with the full 30 days.  Mini resets are recommended only if you have at least a few full Whole30’s under your belt.  Explanation here.  )  

The Strategy:  

This is one of my favorite things about the Whole30 program;  it’s designed so you can go back to it for a reset when you “fall off the wagon.”  Because you will.  Genius!  So, I didn’t give myself a guilt trip, but I allowed myself to complain a bit to Ryan (got him on board, too) and decided to start that day.  Going back to these principles helps me start to feel better rather quickly, which is a motivating factor!

In the past, I’ve designated a set number of days to reset, but this time I’m listening to my body.  Melissa (Hartwig) suggested this strategy the last time she did a reset, so I’m trying it.  I’m not sure how long I’ll do the reset, but I’ll keep you posted.  I’ve been posting meals on instagram stories this week and will continue to do so…

Another thing to mention is doing a reset during a stressful or busy time is actually a good idea!  I keep my meals pretty simple.  Being familiar with the guidelines, there is less to think about in terms of meal times/snacks.  Saying no to less healthy food becomes easier, not more difficult!  Eating meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats provides my body with the nutrition it needs, giving me plenty of energy to get through my day…

The Result (so far):

Today is Day 5 and I already feel a difference!  I’ve make it a point to go to bed earlier the past four nights.  This morning I woke up feeling less groggy.  I was craving sugar the first couple days, especially after dinner.  Having a LaCroix or decaf coffee or tea is a good distraction and by the time I’m finished drinking, the craving has passed.  

This weekend we have a few events to attend, so I’ll have to decide if I’m ready it’s worth it I want to go off plan.  There will be plenty of non-Whole30 food and drinks at the events.  The refreshing thing about Food Freedom is I can think through this without stress or guilt.  It took practice and trial and error to get here, but it’s so much better than the way my relationship with food used to work!  

Let me know if you have any questions about a full or mini Whole30 reset.  I’m happy to help!  And, feel free to comment and tell me about your Whole30 experience/feedback/tips.  I’d love to hear about your strategies for getting back on track!  Thanks for stopping by!

Photo:  Mary Summers Hafner


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  1. Love reading about this! One day I’ll do a whole30 ☺️

    Posted 5.19.17 Reply
    • Jill wrote:

      This was perfect timing! I also did a Whole30 in January and felt wonderful. Since then it has been a slow slide back into bad habits, especially sugar. With my birthday next weekend, I was thinking I would either do another Whole30 or a mini-reset. Thanks for the mental jump!!

      Posted 5.19.17 Reply
      • Andrea wrote:

        Hi Jill! It can totally sneak up on me…especially with craving sweets. Sometimes a mini reset is just the thing to get you back on track. Let me know if I can answer any questions about it. Hope you have a lovely birthday weekend! -Andrea

        Posted 5.21.17 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Thank you, Marisa! Let’s do one together 🙂

      Posted 5.21.17 Reply