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Starting my day with a cup or two of coffee is a favorite ritual.  On most days, I wake up an hour before the kids, to enjoy quiet time with a mug in hand! I love the flavor so much that I often enjoy decaf in the afternoon or evening on occasion…  

Typically, I take my coffee black.  But lately, I’m mixing up my coffee routine with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer, both of which are Whole30 approved!  I’ve been drinking one cup per day with these products, adding extra nutrition and flavor to my daily brew.  There are other ways I incorporate them into my diet, and many great recipes out there as well!  











For those of you who don’t enjoy black coffee, nutpods is a wonderful dairy-free alternative to half and half or sugary creamers.  nutpods creamer is made with heart healthy almonds and MCT rich coconuts, making it perfect for use on the Whole30 and beyond!  Many times when people start the Whole30, coffee creamer is one of the more difficult items to give up, so this definitely comes in handy…

nutpods are rich and creamy, but do not contain sugar, soy, GMOs, carageegan, or artificial flavors/colors.  French Vanilla and Hazelnut nutpods are my favorite for coffee.  They also have an original/unflavored version for use in beverages, creamy dips, dressings, sauces, and more!  The packaging makes them great for travel, as they don’t need to be refrigerated until opened.    

I enjoy them in hot or iced coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon…yum!  My favorite thing to do lately is add a splash or two of French Vanilla to my hot coffee, then add one-two scoops of Collagen Peptides (Unflavored or Vanilla flavor).  It blends in well just using a spoon to stir, or you can use a hand blender to get a little froth going!  I also love to add nutpods to cold brew coffee, over ice…   

Note:  nutpods are available on nutpods.com, Amazon, and select grocery stores.  Use my code loubiesandlulu when ordering on nutpods.com to save 15% off your entire purchase + free shipping.  This code can be used more than once!  





















Why Collagen?  

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body.  It’s found in our muscles, skin, bones, and connective tissues.  It’s also essential for strong hair and nails.  It makes sense that adding Collagen Peptides to your diet will provide health/beauty benefits!  (I found this article very helpful and informative, explaining how this works.  More info, as it pertains to the Whole30 here.  )

Collagen Peptides promote healthy skin, nails, and hair…

As I read more about Collagen, what drew me in initially was that moisture levels in the skin and hair could be improved with supplementation!  I’ve definitely noticed as the years go by, both my skin and hair are more dry than they used to be.  Yikes!  I want to do all I can to combat the signs of aging through nutrition, so adding Collagen Peptides was a no-brainer for me.      

A Few More Important Benefits of Collagen:

  • Supports Bone and Joint Health
  • Helps in Weight Management
  • Supports a Healthy Gut in Various Ways

























































I heard about Vital Proteins through from Whole30/Melissa Hartwig.  They’re very selective about anything they recommend or approve so I knew it had to be good!  After listening to her explanation on Facebook Live and reading about it on my own, I decided to try the Unflavored and the Vanilla Coconut Water varieties.  I love both for different reasons and both are Whole30 approved!  

The Unflavored peptides can be used in hot or cold foods/beverages.  I’ve mixed them into coffee, tea, scrambled eggs, and even guacamole!  They really are unflavored, although I will say that while they taste like nothing, they taste like something.  It’s hard to describe, but it doesn’t bother me at all and I just barely notice it especially in things like eggs and guacamole!  

As far as results go, I’ve already noticed a difference in my hair and nails!  They’re both growing faster and are stronger than they used to be.  I’m currently trying to grow my hair out, so I’m very happy about that!  And my manicurist has commented on how strong my nails are.                

Have you tried these products?  What are your favorite ways to use them/how do you incorporate them into your diet?  Feel free to comment and share your experience and results.  Thanks for stopping by!

Photography:  Mary Summers-Hafner  

Thanks to nutpods + Vital Proteins for providing product.  All thoughts and opinions are my own…  







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  1. Shauna wrote:

    I already use the Vital Proteins and these Nutpods sound amazing. Great post! 🙂

    Posted 5.26.17 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Shauna! Thank you! Definitely try the nutpods…they add great flavor and creaminess to coffee and tea 🙂

      Posted 5.27.17 Reply