DREA 2 YEAR GRAPHICAs most of you already know, I am a huge fan of the book It Starts with Food,” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.

Since my very first Whole30 in March 2013, I have written about the Whole30 several times here.  This book and the Whole30 program have truly changed my life, and my relationship with food.  I am forever grateful for the changes I have personally experienced, and I feel extremely blessed that I have been able to share what I have learned with others.  From helping friends and family get started with it one-on-one, to leading the Taos Whole30 this past summer, I have LOVED Sharing the Good Food Word!  Thank you, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig for your dedication to making this wonderful program accessible to everyone!

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel better, and make healthy changes in their life!

Through this book you will learn about how the food we eat impacts our bodies on just about every level.  Its amazing….based on science, and they have a pretty darn good sense of humor, too!  Curious??? Read the book, and give the Whole30 a shot…You won’t regret it!  Enter my giveaway for a chance to win a signed copy of It Starts With Food.”  All of the details are at the end of the post…


My top three lessons learned from It Starts With Food + Whole30:

  1. I don’t have to count calories anymore!  If I eat foods that are nutrient dense and minimally processed, the numbers don’t matter as much, and it all balances out in the end.  (Most of the time, I follow the Meal Template that is FREE on whole30.com)  I can maintain a healthy weight for me, without obsessively counting calories, and have a ton of energy to fuel my activities and go about my day.  Amazing.
  2. It isn’t necessary to feel guilt surrounding food ever again.  There are no cheats, only choices and consequences.  I have experienced freedom from cycle of “food guilt.”  No longer on that emotional roller coaster!
  3. What I eat directly impacts how I feel.  My mood, energy levels, sleep, focus…all of it!  Until you realize this connection and listen to your body, you won’t be able to achieve optimal wellness.  I had ignored the signals my body was sending me for years, and once I started to listen to it and give it the fuel it needed, the changes were wonderful!

To celebrate Two Years of Loubies and Lulu, I am giving away a signed copy of “It Starts With Food!”

This giveaway will be on Instagram.  Here is what you have to do to enter the Whole30/ISWF Giveaway:

1.  FOLLOW us on Instagram:  loubiesandlulu AND whole30

2.  REPOST the image above from my insta feed with #LLwhole30

***This giveaway will end, and winner will be drawn on Sunday, September 21st at 10pm CST.


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  1. Marnie Houston wrote:

    Just heard about this diet and can’t find the book here where I live. Would love to win it to change my life and my health!

    Posted 9.21.14 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Marnie! Be sure to enter the giveaway on instagram:-) It is a game changer…also spend some time on whole30.com. There are so many free resources for this program!!! Also check out my whole 30 section here, for recipes and my personal experiences….

      Posted 9.21.14 Reply