photo-45We are headed to Taos, NM this week for our month-long summer visit.  I am looking forward to being there, in the place where I grew up, surrounded by friends and family!  I have a big, close-knit extended family, most of them living in Taos.  (My mom is one of 12, she has 7 sisters and 4 brothers!)  It is always a fun, relaxing time for us.  I love visiting and catching up with them when we are there.  

This time, I am extra excited because I’m going to be doing a Whole30, and leading a group of family members through it at the same time!  I love helping people who are interested get started with the program and see great results when they stick to it.

It’s a fun way that all of it came about!  Last summer, my parents did an abbreviated version of the Whole 30 while I was there.  They really liked how they felt eating Whole 30 style, and kept up a lot of the good habits they formed over the last year.  Then, when we were visiting over Christmas break, one of my uncles asked me to tell him about it.  He was very interested in trying it after seeing my parents’ progress, so I directed him to “It Starts With Food” and whole30.com.  

I emailed him links to some of my favorite recipes and helpful tips.  He did the 30 days, and loved the results so much it has become a lifestyle for him!  He adheres to the program majority of the time, and happily off-roads occasionally.  He says he feels the best he has felt in a long time,  and also has lost 50 pounds since January!  I am so proud of him!  Some of his siblings have seen his transformation over the last 6 months, and now want to try it for themselves.

So, we are going to do a Whole30 together, while I’m in Taos, July 7th-August 5th!  I will be blogging about our experience, and  posting recipes and photos as we go.  Between now and July 7th I will be posting resources here and on social media about preparing for the Whole30.  A big part of this program is learning how to prepare and plan beforehand, to set yourself up for success!   I would LOVE for any of you who are interested in trying it to join us.  NOW is the perfect time to do it.  And, you don’t have to be in Taos to participate…I will be posting as we go here on the blog, so you can follow and do it alongside us wherever you are!  Comment below if you are in…. 



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  1. Santana Trujillo wrote:

    I would love to be a part of this. I have been wanting to change my eating habits since I was tested for so many different food allergies. It has just been really hard trying to figure it all out. So this sounds like a great way to try again!

    Posted 6.30.14 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Santana! Would love to have you join us on the Whole 30! Lots of people with food allergies do well on the Whole 30 because you are eliminating lots of allergy and inflammation causing foods, while adding in nutrient-dense whole foods. If you are interested, send an email to andrea@loubiesandlulu.com and I will add you to our email list. Also check out whole30.com for more info!

      Posted 6.30.14 Reply
  2. Valerie wrote:

    Hi Andrea, I’d love to join also! I have already started my second Whole30, today being the first day. It is amazing how different I feel when I am not doing a Whole30 and off-road with junk food/ not so healthy food sometimes. I really think twice about what I eat and that is great! Please keep me posted and I’d love to get a coffee with you while you’re in Taos. Safe travels!!!!

    Posted 7.1.14 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Valerie! It is so great to hear how you have progressed, and that you have formed healthy habits after your first Whole 30! I will add you to my email list for Taos Whole 30. Coffee sounds great, I’d love that:-)

      Posted 7.2.14 Reply
  3. kitty wrote:

    Did this last year at this time and really liked it.
    I think it would be fun to do it with others so
    count me in☺

    Posted 7.4.14 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Great, Kitty! So glad you will be joining us!

      Posted 7.4.14 Reply
      • Sarah Matus wrote:

        Would love to be apart from this. I’m from Taos. I want to lose about 15 pounds. I’m gluten intolerant. I want to feel better already can’t wait!

        Posted 5.8.16 Reply
        • Andrea wrote:

          Hi Sarah!

          I planning my stay in Taos this summer, and am considering leading another group…I will keep you posted if I do! In the meantime, check out my posts under the Whole30 tab on the menu bar, and get The Whole30 book if you can. Their website and social media accounts are super helpful and contain lots of free resources to help get you started. And, please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have…

          Warm Regards,

          Posted 5.9.16 Reply