Dairy-Free Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream with Ink Foods

ink-foods-paleo-ice-cream-1752If you’ve been reading for a while, you might know that ice cream is my favorite dessert ever!  While I do enjoy regular dairy ice cream occasionally, I’ve been searching for a simple recipe for dairy-free ice cream to make this summer.  I’ve tried and liked a few store bought brands made with coconut milk, almond milk, or cashew milk, but I think its nice to make my own when there’s time.  Plus, I can get the kids involved, and I know exactly which ingredients are going into it!    

I mentioned this to my friend Kristen, of Ink Foods, recently and she offered to create a recipe for Dairy Free Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream!  Kristen is a talented pastry chef and food blogger.  I love collaborating with her on recipes for my favorite (paleo-friendly) treats!  

She developed this recipe to have a rich, creamy flavor…perfect on its own, with toppings, or as a base for other flavors.  It was super fun to learn to make this treat, and of course, enjoy it sprinkled with fresh toppings once we were finished!  It is so delicious!  In addition to the ice cream, she’s also including a recipe for dairy-free chocolate sauce.  Thank you, Kristen!!    

ink-foods-paleo-ice-cream-1511 ink-foods-paleo-ice-cream-1782

ink-foods-paleo-ice-cream-1388Today I’m sharing our favorite items to have on hand to make dairy-free ice cream and create a DIY Ice Cream Sundae Bar!  A Sundae Bar is perfect for an after dinner family treat or when you’re entertaining a group of friends.  Everyone gets to customize their own sundae to their liking!  Our toppings included fresh berries, mini chocolate chips, chopped walnuts and almonds, toasted coconut, and coconut whipped cream…yum! 

Build Your Own Ice Cream Sundae Bar Essentials:

  • Ice Cream Maker:  Kristen has and recommends this one.  I’m definitely taking the plunge and purchasing one this summer.  I think the kids will really enjoy using it to make classic and unique flavors!
  • Cute Ice Cream Serving Cups:  These striped paper cups are adorable, and these clear ones look a little fancier…
  • Toppings, Toppings, Toppings:  Be creative!  Use whatever you think your family/guests will enjoy.  I like an selection of fruits, nuts, and chocolate!  Also check out Kristen’s recipe for Whipped Coconut Topping!
  • Scoopers and Storage Containers:  Perfect for serving or storing make ahead/left over ice cream!

ink-foods-paleo-ice-cream-1561 ink-foods-paleo-ice-cream-1634 ink-foods-paleo-ice-cream-1687

ink-foods-paleo-ice-cream-1771Check out our picks above/below to build your own Sundae Bar and then head over to Ink Foods for the ice cream tutorial/recipes!  (And, be sure to re-visit our previous collabs for grain-free, dairy-free, paleo friendly desserts:  Red Velvet Cupcakes, Banana Coconut Chia Seed Pudding, and Cherry Berry Crumble

Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know if you try the recipes… xx

Photography:  Stephanie Drenka

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