photo-88This week I am focusing on the fundamental/core classes at CPY, CorePower Yoga 1 (C1) and CorePower Yoga 2 (C2).  It has been wonderful to add yoga to my workout schedule this month.  Yoga compliments the weight training program from The Move Project that I normally do. Weight training is my go-to workout for building strength, endurance, stability, and shape in my body.  Yoga builds those elements as well, but in addition, promotes focus and relaxation, both of which I could use!  I have been going to CPY in Mockingbird Station 1-2 times per week this month, and I feel the benefits already.  Personally, it helps me to slow down, be in the moment, and improves my focus. When I practice yoga, I feel more grounded and it helps me to think about how I am breathing throughout the day. Leaving the CPY studio, I always feel refreshed, relaxed, and energized!  Yoga is empowering!

Here is what I experienced, attending both types of classes, C1 + C2:  

If you are new to yoga, I would suggest starting with C1, so that you can give yourself time to learn the postures and be comfortable before moving on to C2.  Beginners would be okay in C2, but you would just have to pace yourself, and take modifications and breaks if necessary.  If you are an experienced yogi, you could do either one, depending on the pace of class you are looking for on a particular day.

  • CorePower Yoga 1 (C1):  Great for beginners, or anyone, really!  More verbal cues and reminders about form.  Moderately paced to focus on breath and alignment. This class is set at 85 degrees, no humidity. Brittney taught the C1 class I attended.  Loved her style!  What I liked:  It forced me to slow down and properly align my body in the postures.  I can always learn something new in a beginner class, whether it is form-related or to pay closer attention to how I am breathing through the movements.
  • CorePower Yoga 2 (C2):  Definitely a more advanced, athletic vinyasa flow class.  For each sequence, we would move through one time slowly, while holding each posture for a few breaths.  Then we would proceed through again, faster, linking each breath to a movement.  This class feels a great deal hotter than C1, because it is, and also because you are moving at a quicker pace.  You will sweat a ton, so do not forget to bring a towel and water.  When I take C2, I have to bring a change of clothes with me if I am going anywhere other than home afterwards, because I am drenched at the end of class!  This class is set between 95-98 degrees, about 30% humidity.   I took C2 classes with Emily and Jaymi.  Both were great, and very friendly!  What I liked:  C2 offers more spinal twists, lots of lunges (warrior, crescent, etc) and plenty of opportunities for balances and inversions.

(C1)CorePower Yoga 1 with Brittney //  Side  Plank  //  Warrior 2

What I wore:  Power Y Tank + Wunder Under Crops (both from lululemon)

photo 1-30

(C2) CorePower Yoga 2 with Jaymi  //  Mat Sale!  //   Spiritual Gangster Tanks  //   Dancer Pose

What I wore:  Forever 21 Tank + Lorna Jane Radiate Crops + Lorna Jane Nicole Bra 

photo 2-27


GO:  CorePower Yoga, 5319 E Mockingbird Ln, #205 DallasTX 75206 // corepoweryoga.com

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