Whole30 Whole Foods Market Grocery List and RecipesOne of the most common questions about the Whole30 is,  “How can I make the grocery shopping part easier/faster?”

Yes, grocery shopping for your first Whole30 can be daunting.  Usually, you have to budget extra time to research and plan beforehand, and then to read and scrutinize labels once you are there.  The process can be especially stressful depending on how big of a change it is for you personally.  The good news is, as you learn, it does get easier with time, and pretty soon you can breeze through the store like a Whole30 pro!

But, what if you don’t have the time to do these things to get started, or you just need a little extra help for the first few grocery trips?


FullSizeRender-1Well…if this describes you, you are in luck, because I have some exciting news!  I have teamed up with Whole Foods Market (in Addison, TX) to make grocery shopping a little easier on you by sharing my list of favorite Whole30 approved items.

I shopped the store for my go-to favorites, discovered some new ones, and put them all in a list for you. I read labels and asked lots of questions!  The store has my list on hand for reference, as well as a round-up of several of my favorite Whole30 compliant recipes from theclothesmakethegirl, thirtyeightfive, paleOMG, thepaleomom, everydaypaleo, planksloveandguacamoleand more!  Also important to mention is that if you have questions about specific products or ingredients not on this list, JUST ASK!  They have product specialists on hand who are happy to help you find the information you need.

**Download the List + Recipes HERE**


In case you did not know, Whole30 has official FREE comprehensive grocery lists, shopping guides, and pantry stocking guides available for download on their site.  

I printed out these lists for my very first Whole30 in March 2013, and I still refer to them to this day.  I highly encourage you to print them out for yourself,too.  They are very helpful to have on hand to refer to when you have a question.  I have also provided WFM with a copy!  My list is meant to be a supplement to these, specific to items stocked by Whole Foods Market.

In addition to making the list available to shoppers in-store, Whole Foods Market-Addison will also use it for personal shopping orders!

This is a wonderful service offered by Whole Foods.  The cost of this service is $30/hour, but from what I have learned, it does not usually take an hour to do the shop.  According to the concierge at Whole Foods, the average shop is 30 minutes or less!  To schedule a personal shopping pick up, you can call the store to let them know what you need.  Then, just stop by, pay, and pick up your grocery order.  If you keep a credit card on file, they will even bring it to your car, curbside!  This service is super convenient, making it easy for you to get started on your Whole30 program!  I can think of several times when calling in my order would have been so worth the cost, just by saving me the time shopping takes!  And, not to mention the days when taking small children to the store is such an effort!  Usually its fun…but you know what I mean;-)

Whole Food Market Addison Whole30 Shopping List

If you want to do the Whole30, now there’s no excuse not to with this service available!  Here’s what to do:

  • Get/Read It Starts With Food”, and select a Whole30 start date
  • Download and print/save the resources from Whole30 and Loubies and Lulu.
  • Meal plan for Week One using my favorite recipes or others you may find.
  • Visit Whole Foods Market to grocery shop, or call them, and give them your list.
  • Pick up your groceries and you are on your way to Week One success!
  • Repeat Steps 1-5 each week until your Whole30 is complete.


Whole Foods Market-Addison is located at 5100 Beltline Road, Addison TX 75254

Concierge/Personal Shopping can be reached at 214.854.3334, Ask for Mary or Jena, they are happy to assist you with your Whole30 and other shopping needs.

Let me know if you use my list or the shopping service…would love to hear your feedback!

Special Thanks to Krista, Mary, & Jena at Whole Foods Market-Addison!  (Photo from wholefoods.com)


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  1. Tiare wrote:

    Oh I think your Whole 30 List for Whole Foods will be so helpful. Thanks so much for sharing. My hubby and I are on day 6!

    Posted 5.21.16 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Tiare,
      Happy to hear that you liked it! Wishing you and your husband the best on your Whole30! Let me know if you have any questions… 🙂

      Posted 5.22.16 Reply
  2. Katherine Keller wrote:

    Is Whole Foods 365 organic Unsweetened Almond Milk compliant? It has no sugar, no carrageenan but has locust bean gum and gellan gum and some other things I can’t pronounce.

    Posted 9.20.16 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Eek, I haven’t seen that one, so I don’t know. I think some of the New Barn brand almond milks are, and they are at WF. I also really like the Nutpods creamers, available on Amazon. They are made with almond and coconut and are Whole30 approved! I included them in my latest post of Whole30 favorites…hope that helps!

      Posted 9.21.16 Reply