Whole30 Reintroduction Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re approaching your Whole30 finish line, cheers to you! 

We want your reintroduction to be a clearcut pathway into a flourishing Food Freedom experience. Today we’re sharing six common mistakes and what NOT to when it comes to your Whole30 reintroduction! (This post was co-written by Andrea Overturf & Whitney Stuart RDN – AKA The Dallas Duo, Advanced Level & Award-Winning Whole30 Certified Coaches.) 

I’m covering 3 of the mistakes to avoid here and visit Whitney’s blog for the other 3!

Whole30 Dallas Duo CoachingTake our seasoned tips and enjoy the process…

The Fast Track Reintroduction is recommended, which spans 12-20 days after Day 30 depending on how you break it up.By reintroducing each food group ONE at a TIME you’ll gain valuable information about if/how that food affects you personally. Think of it this way, on Day 31 you’ll still be eating by Whole30 guidelines/meal template but reintroducing one serving per meal (aim for 3 servings total) from a food group you took out for the reset…Day 32 and 33 it’s back to Whole30 to assess how you feel. On day 34 reintroduce the next food group on your list and so on.

Free Resources! Download our exclusive Reintroduction Guide & Worksheets to walk you through the process step by step! And sign up here for Melissa Urban’s free Reintroduction Webinar on 1/26…

Mistake #4- Reintroducing foods you’ve never eaten before

Hmmm, I wonder how my body does with kefir?! I’ve never had that before…

Bad idea! This time is to be helpful and resourceful for your current diet. Not for new discoveries. Focus on reintroducing your favorite foods from each food group, the foods you would actually eat, in your life after Whole30. Missing peanut butter on your apple slices or your favorite pasta? Now’s the time to reintroduce it! For more on this, check out Chapter 19 of It Starts with Food and in The Whole30HERE at whole30.com

Whole30 ReintroductionMistake #5 I’m just gonna wing it…

Nope, plan ahead for success! Use our Reintro Guide (pictured above!) to get realistic examples of how to implement all food groups in a healthy and balanced way. Then, take a few minutes to plan each reintroduction day. A little planning goes a long way and will help you feel confident when you start!

Mistake #6- Not writing down your plan and findings

Keeping a reintro journal is super helpful in reflecting on how far you’ve come and to troubleshoot if you notice any issues. Take notes on how your body feels when reintroducing each food/food group. Pay attention to if/how it affects you physically, emotionally, or both. Make it easy- grab our worksheets to document how you feel during each stage of reintro and to recap.

Head over to Whitness Nutrition for 3 more reintroduction mistakes to avoid…

Whole30 dallas duo coaching About us: Andrea Overturf and Whitney Stuart RDN created the Dallas Duo after realizing how much more attainable healthy living was when surrounded by a similar-minded supportive community. What started as a coaching group has evolved into a social wellness brand. When they’re not hosting meet & greets, lectures, and leading a coaching group you’ll find them both giggling over an almond milk americano during the day (they’re both former baristas!) a topo-tequila on holiday, and running intervals on the woodway treadmill at the latest boutique fitness studio. The Dallas Duo social wellness brand focuses on creating meaningful community-rooted events for all abilities. The Duo partners with the latest local wellness brands, businesses, and products in Dallas…and beyond!

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