Whole30 Dallas Duo FREE Interest Event, January 3rd!

Whole30 Dallas Duo January Event, Zyn22 Outdoor Voices Hello from Taos!  Our time here has been so enjoyable, I’m not ready for it to end just yet, and I’m excited to ring in 2019 Taos style!  At the same time, it will be refreshing to return to routine after this trip and get things in order before the kids start school.  I’m thankful for this much needed break for our family in a place we love so much…

I’m looking forward to the interest event/workout Whitney and I have planned on January 3rd in Dallas!  

Join us, the Whole30 Dallas Duo, for a meet and greet (5-7pm) and FREE class at Zyn22 (5:30).  Email me (andrea@loubiesandlulu.com) to reserve a complimentary spot in the 5:30PM “The22” HIIT workout.  

THE22 is a 35-minute circuit of high intensity intervals (aka “HIIT”) that combines the 3 P’s of fitness – Perseverance, Power and Plyometrics. This revolutionary workout is uniquely designed to surprise the body for an optimal fat-burning, strength-gaining sweat session with an epic calorie crushing after-burn.

Learn about the award-winning Whole30 coaching program we’ve created, offering combined services from two coaches!  Building community is our goal, featuring active and social meet ups designed to support you throughout your Whole30 and Reintroduction!  

Whole30 Dallas Duo January Event, Zyn22 Outdoor Voices

Important to note:  Our program kicks off January 12th and our Whole30 reset begins January 14th.  

View our January schedule of events and pricing options here.  We have four price options to choose from, whether you’re in the Dallas area or joining us online…

If you’re someone who wants/needs extra time to get yourself in gear (me!!), this is for you!  Because of our travel plans and kids being out of school, I’m never ready to start first week of January.  I know this about myself and show myself a little grace with the extra time to prepare…

Thanks for stopping by!  Please reach out if you have any questions about the event or our program.  I’d love to help.  Happy New Year!  Let’s make 2019 our best one yet!  xx

Photography:  David Brennan

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