Whole30 Cold Brew Coffee

 I’m sharing our favorite Whole30 Cold Brew Coffee with you today.  This is a favorite in our house!  Ryan starts his day with it (it’s replaced his daily Starbucks run!), and I often enjoy it as an afternoon treat… this combo is also a favorite among our Dallas Duo coaching groups, helping them make the transition to dairy-free/sugar-free coffee!    

We are coffee lovers! Always have been…  

What we love about Chameleon Cold Brew is it’s bold yet smooth flavor.  Because it is brewed for several hours it has low acidity, which results in a rich flavor that is great on its own or mixed with a generous splash of creamer.  Our absolute favorite is nutpods dairy-free, sugar-free creamer! (The Winter Collection from nutpods is available now…see it in action in my Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew reel…)

Made with coconuts and almonds, it adds creaminess and flavor to your brew and is Whole30 approved!  It’s a pantry staple!  (Save 15% and get free shipping on your nutpods.com order with code: loubiesandlulu

It’s easy to create your own creamy Whole30 Cold Brew beverage at home…less expensive than your local coffee shop, too!  Here’s our recipe…

  1. Fill a glass or to go tumber with ice (I use a 16 or 20 oz size.) 
  2. Add Chameleon Vanilla Cold Brew Concentrate to fill cup 3/4 full.  (For a less intense flavor or less caffeine, you can dilute the concentrate with a little water.  We happen to love bold coffee flavor so we don’t usually dilute.)
  3. Add 4-6 tablespoons of nutpods Whole30 Approved creamer.  We love the flavored varieties, French Vanilla, Cinnamon Roll, Caramel, and Toasted Marshmallow are faves!  
  4. Optional: Make your own cold foam using a hand held frother or nespresso frother on cold function. ⁣(just hold the button till it turns blue!)⁣ Pour the frothy, velvety creamer into cold brew, stir, and enjoy

Are you a fan of Cold Brew, too?  What’s your fave way to enjoy it?  

Thanks for stopping by!  xx

Photography;  Mary Summers Hafner   

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