Taos Whole30 Brunch & Learn at Farmhouse Cafe

Taos Whole30 Workshop at Farmhouse Cafe As you know, my hometown holds a special place in my heart.  What you may not know is my Whole30 coaching journey actually began in Taos 5 years ago!  The first group I led was my close-knit, extended family during a summer visit.  Looking back now, I see their trust and belief in me is what pushed me to gather resources to help them and share what I’d learned in my personal experience with Whole30 up to that point…

Taos Whole30 was my focus group, although I didn’t know it at the time!  

As I guided them through the program, I gained new skills and learned about coaching.  It gave me the confidence to reach out to Melissa Hartwig Urban of Whole30 to pursue becoming a coach, even though I was “just a mom/blogger” at the time and had no idea what that would even look like!  As I reflect on how things have unfolded (and continue to!) I see it was the path God created for me, and I’m incredibly grateful…

Taos Whole30 Workshop at Farmhouse Cafe

Taos Whole30 Workshop at Farmhouse Cafe Recently things came full circle when I hosted a Whole30 Brunch and Learn in Taos…

This event was a clear reminder of why I’m doing this in the first place!  To give context, I was still feeling disappointed that the retreat we’d planned didn’t get the needed bookings and we had to postpone.  Ryan and I decided to go to Taos anyway on the weekend retreat was planned, for a much needed break after a crazy few months.  Because interest had been expressed locally/with family (in Whole30, but not the retreat) I still wanted to do some sort of Whole30 event to connect with the community.

I was able to quickly arrange (with the help of my parents!) to use a private room at Farmhouse Cafe, one of our favorite Taos restaurants.  Because many menu items are already Whole30 friendly, working with them to create a menu specifically for the event was easy.  Details were worked out and things just fell into place…many people offered to help and support to make it happen.  It wasn’t just me, by any means!

Taos Whole30 Workshop at Farmhouse Cafe

It made my heart happy to see several familiar faces show up!  

Many of the original Taos Whole30 group attended and brought their friends/family.  Making it even sweeter was having new and old friends join us.  It meant so much to me!  Two of my childhood friends I don’t see often but have kept in touch with on instagram / coached from a distance (one in Denver one in Taos) were also able to attend!  And, my friend Angelisa of Heritage Inspirations (who I was partnering with on the retreat) was so sweet to come and support.  Each person was connected by someone else in the group!    

It’s hard to describe, but the day just flowed and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience…

This event was exactly what was meant to be!  Once I realized this I let go of the disappointment I felt over the retreat and fully embraced the moment.  I’m still hopeful that someday, somehow we can pull off a Whole30 Retreat and if we don’t, that’s okay too! (In the meantime, Angelisa’s Glamping Tour is on my list this summer)!  

We kept the vibe casual, starting with intros and a Collagen Coffee demo with nutpods and Vital Proteins.  Then I gave an overview of the books/rules/resources/intention of the program, had a fun, interactive q+a session, and talked about/gave away some of my favorite Whole30 Approved products.  My dad even gave a rancher’s explanation of why meat quality is so important and can impact your health.  And, the food…y’all it was amazing (see the pics of our menu/entrees below)!

Free whole30.com downloads and Brunch + Learn menu
Whole30 Farmhouse Scramble
Farmhouse Burger Salads Whole30
Farmhouse Burger Salads (made with Martinez Family Ranch grass-fed beef)
Green Chile Chicken Stew

Zia Salad at Farmhouse Taos

About Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery: committed to healthy, local, organic cuisine that sustains our bodies, our community and Mother Earth.  

Farmhouse serves up fresh meals that are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat…a fantastic option for Whole30 and beyond.  Several items on the menu are Whole30 friendly already, or just need a couple of modifications to make them complaint.  

Farmhouse is more that just a restaurant!  

The Farm Store next door stocks local produce, meats, and handmade goods.  They serve / stock grass finished local beef from (our very own) Martinez Family Ranch!  It’s located in the Overland Compound with breathtaking views of Taos Mountain. My parents became friends with owner, Micah Roseberry through her work at the local school lunch program (when my mom was a teacher), and my dad was a student in her UNM Taos sustainable farming class a few years ago!  Love these personal connections that make Taos so special…    

This post was personal to think through and write…  

What I learned though this is you can’t force it. Despite thought out and best laid plans, timing can be off or just not meant to be.  Even if its a good idea, sometimes God just has other (better!) plans and I just have to let go and trust.  

I struggle with control and trying to make things happen on my time.  I’m learning more and more to loosen my grip, stop and listen, and trust that things are going to work out for good.  If I’m being honest, I feel this is the recurring lesson/theme in my life over the last two years…a hard lesson but one that’s worth paying attention to.  

I received this testimonial from my cousin who did the Whole30 5 years ago with us, a few more times since then, and also in January following our workshop… 

Leanne E:  In November 2018 I was nearing the end of my 4th Whole30. I had the privilege of being able to attend and introduce a couple of friends to the Whole30 brunch and workshop hosted by Whole30 coach, Andrea Overturf. What an informative and fun experience we had!  She answered all and any questions we had. I’d never really understood the Food Freedom that can follow Whole30, and I was able to ask and get a better understanding of what it was all about. All together I’ve lost 29 lbs, and even better the anxiety and stress I was experiencing on a daily basis has significantly decreased!!!  That’s a huge win for me!  

We’ve been friends since elementary school!
My dad and sister with Ryan and I

Thanks to everyone who joined us, Farmhouse Taos for the hospitality/allowing us to use the beautiful space, and to the Whole30 Approved brands who so generously sent product to share.  (Read more about the original Taos Whole30 group experience!)  This workshop was so much fun I’m planning to host another in July during our stay.  And, be on the lookout for similar events coming this spring and fall to Dallas with the Whole30 Dallas Duo!  

If you’ve made it this far, thanks so much for reading and stopping by!  I hope you have a wonderful day!  

Photography:  Jenna of Jasper K Photography 

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