I’m a Whole30 Certified Coach!

Sharing the details on the new Whole30 Certified Coaching Program!Did you catch my big announcement on social media earlier this week?  

In case you missed it, I’m thrilled to share that I’m a Whole30 Certified Coach!  Thank you for your sweet comments and encouragement!!  It means so much to me!  I’m honored to be included in this group of 8 women, the very first Whole30 Certified Coaches.  Those of you who’ve followed and/or walked with me on my Whole30 journey know how passionate I am about helping others by sharing what I’ve learned through this program!  

Over the last four years, I’ve shared Whole30 tips and strategies on this blog, led groups/workshops, and met with many friends/family over coffee, all to provide Whole30 support.  (You can find all of my Whole30 related posts here!)  I’ve truly enjoyed helping others discover success and better health using Whole30 principles.  The Whole30 changed my life and it brings me joy to watch the transformation it brings to others’ lives as well!  

To summarize my experience, finding Food Freedom through the Whole30 was the final piece in my recovery from disordered eating.  I battled through my teen years and was in recovery for many years after that, but something was still missing!  I could never quite put my finger on what it was, and although I did not relapse, I never felt truly comfortable or at ease around food.  It was a constant struggle.  The Whole30 helped me finally develop a new healthy relationship with food and reconnect with my body and I’m forever grateful!  

I’ve received some questions/messages from you all concerning this new venture, and I wanted to answer them in today’s post…

Sharing the details on the new Whole30 Certified Coaching Program!

Now that you’re a coach, will it limit how you share the Whole30?  

No, absolutely not!  In fact, I’m hoping it will help me improve how I share the Whole30.  I always want to be a resource for you guys, helping you make the most out of and learn from your Whole30 experience.  I’ll continue to share recipes, tips, and updates the same way I always have.  And, if you have any blog post requests/ideas/questions about the Whole30 always feel free to send them my way!  I love receiving your feedback and will respond/possibly include it in a future post or on social media…  

Will this change the content that is shared by Whole30?

Nope!!  None of their current programs/resources will be replaced!  Melissa Hartwig has assured the Whole30 community they will continue to share as they always have.  Something I love and admire about this program is that it’s always been free and has maintained its integrity over many years.  Since 2009, anyone can access the information, rules, recipes, downloads, etc. online, free of charge!  This is a brand who prides itself on its responsiveness and dedication to its engaged community, and they will continue in that tradition!    

I want to work with you but I’m not sure I want to do the Whole30.  Do you offer other types of nutrition coaching?  

No.  I am not certified/licensed/qualified for any other types of nutrition consulting.  This certification is to coach others through the Whole30 exactly the way it was intended to be taught, exactly how it was written only.  If you have a special medical condition or need more help/expertise than I can provide, I’m happy to refer you to a Registered Dietitian/nutrition professional.    

Why do I need a Whole30 coach?

Well to be honest, you might or you might not need one!  It really depends on how much help and support you need or want.  Its totally up to you!  Here are a few reasons…  

  • Changing your diet is hard work because most of us are emotionally tied to our food habits.  Sometimes it takes extra support and troubleshooting to work through that.  If you want local, accessible support and community, coaching might be for you!  
  • It can be super intimidating/confusing (at first).  I’m not gonna lie…when I did my grocery shopping for my very first Whole30, I spent over 2 hours at the store and I went over my grocery budget by $100!  Everything was different/very new to me.  I thought I need to buy all the things at once and I didn’t really have a good meal plan in place.  It doesn’t have to be complicated but it does take some advance planning, especially for the first week or two.  
  • You want to do the Whole30 but you aren’t sure you have the time to plan for it.  I can save you time by helping you get set up and doing some of the prep work for you.  I can also teach you how to simplify and make the Whole30 work for a richly scheduled life!  

A few of the ways I can help you:  weekly meal planning, time saving meal prep, grocery shopping, pantry stocking, deciphering labels, how to incorporate Whole30 for a family/kids, setting up a grocery order online/delivery, putting together an emergency/travel food stash, dining out menu tips, troubleshooting, planning your reintroduction…

How do I hire you for coaching and what does coaching cost?

I set up a special coaching page here…just fill out the contact form and I will send you more information and pricing.  I look forward to hearing from you!

I want to get a group together to do the Whole30.  Can you coach us?  

Yes!  I love to coach groups…It’s really a fun way to Whole30!  Just fill out the contact form and I will get back to you with the information!

This sounds really cool and I’m interested!  Where can I learn more about becoming a coach?  

Awesome!  Be sure to visit coach.whole30.com for the details and everything you need to know to apply for the certification…also check out Melissa Hartwig’s Facebook Live video about the program!    

I think that covers it!  Feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions at all.  I am really excited to begin this new journey and connect with you!  And, be sure to request to join us in our private Whole30 support group on Facebook

Sharing the details on the new Whole30 Certified Coaching Program!

*One more thing…I’m looking forward to kicking off fall with a September Whole30!  More on this in the weeks ahead, but I hope you’ll consider joining me.  It’s a great way to enter a new season feeling your absolute best!  Be sure to enter my book giveaway on instagram…perfect timing if you ask me!      

Thank you for stopping by!  Have a wonderful weekend!  xx

Photography:  Mary Summers-Hafner


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