photo-5Confession:  I was not feeling it at all this past week!

I was questioning my reasons for doing another W30, trying to rationalize quitting early, and being downright grumpy about the whole thing.  And, on top of all of that, I was craving sugar like no one’s business! Why am I telling you this?  I just want you to know that although I am usually super enthusiastic about W30, I have tough days too.  Having done this before, I know that its just temporary, and soon I will start to feel much better.  But, I want to share with you, so you will not quit and “just keep swimming” until the end!  Some of the reasons I had a “kill all the things” sort of week are listed below.  Maybe some of you can identify!

1.  It was a stressful week.  I just wanted a huge scoop of ice cream.  Made me evaluate how I tend to use food as a reward.  My thinking sometimes goes like this:  “Today was tough, I deserve (insert treat of choice here).  For me, its usually wine or sweets.  It is an easy trap to fall into.  I had to find a healthier way to cope with the stress.  For me, exercising, reading, or talking it out are a few things that do the trick.  One of the things I love about Whole 30 is that it makes you think not only about what you are are eating, but also why you eat (other than for nourishment).  It can help identity unhealthy patterns.

2.  I was tired.  I have not been going to bed early enough.  I know this.  I have to make getting the proper amount of rest a priority, instead of catching up on The Bachelor.

3.  It was my special week of the month.  No explanation needed…

4.  I was experiencing cooking fatigue.  Now’s the perfect time to suck it up and look for a new recipe to try.  That is not what I feel like doing, but I know it will help!  Or treat yourself to a (compliant) dinner out, so you can have a little break.

So…Eight days are left and I want to finish strong and make the most of the experience.  I learn something new every time.  Here’s to feeling the “Tiger Blood” phase in Week Four!!!



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