photo-4Week Two flew by!  My biggest challenge during week two was passing on the Girl Scout cookies that my daughter is selling and are stacked high in my dining room.  200 boxes of cookies just sitting there…think about that!  But, it made me think about how it is a good thing to practice restraint. I will probably have a few Thin Mints and Samoas when my Whole 30 is over, but until then, it is really no biggie!  They are just cookies!

I tried some great new Whole 30 compliant recipes this past week, both for chicken fingers.  Give them a try!

1.  Coconut Tenders from Against All Grain:  These were my daughter’s favorite.  She is a coconut lover, so these were right down her alley.  And, because you have to dip them in three different things before you bake them, they were fun to make too.  I absolutely LOVE getting her in on healthy cooking with me.  It is a great way for us to spend time together and she is learning a lot, too!  The flavor was mild, not spicy at all.  I think they would be great for picky eaters.  (Note: The honey mustard sauce that is printed with this recipe is NOT Whole 30.)

2.  Almond Meal Tenders from The Paleo Mom:  These were my husband’s favorite!  He liked them so much he took them to work with him for lunch the next day.  They have cumin in the recipe, so they are a little spicy, and very tasty.  I served these with a side of Garlic Swiss Chard (from Make With Your Hands blog) and baked sweet potato fries.  It was probably my favorite meal of the week!

I knew it was going to be a busy week, so I also made a batch of Spinach Meat Muffins from The Clothes Make the Girl so that we would have something to grab and go if needed.   (Don’t let the name put you off…they are yummy, I promise;-))  I made the “Tex-Mex” version.  These are great any time of the day, and you can pair them with eggs or a little fruit to make a meal.

All in all, I have been feeling pretty good!  I am looking forward to Weeks 3 & 4.  For those of you Whole 30’ing this month, how are you all doing?  Its about to get really good, check out this Whole 30 Timeline to see what I mean!  Halfway there!




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