20131101-141559.jpgWoohooo! Halloween came and went, and I stayed strong. I have to admit I was tempted by Almond Joy bars, but my mantra for the day was “Just Say No!”

Energy Level: I did experience a dip in energy this week. Nothing major, but I just felt sort of sluggish and tired. Hopefully this passes soon!

Mood: I did feel sort of grouchy, at the halloween festivities this week, not being able to partake in the treats. But, I noticed that by not focusing on the food, I was able to enjoy the activities more. It was fun to just watch/chase my 2 year old as he enjoyed it all. This year he was much more aware of what was going on and wanted to do what all the other kids were doing. I feel like since I started this W30, I have been a “half-empty” person (more than normal,ha!) and I am ready for this mood to turn around! The best way to describe it is that I feel kind of “blah.”

Performance: Luckily, this has not changed! My workouts have felt great, and I’ve had plenty of energy to get through them.

Sleep: This is improving slowly, but surely! Its still hard to want to unplug and go to bed early, but I see the benefits when I do. Ryan has adapted to this new habit much more readily than I have. But, I can’t say I blame him, as he wakes up at 4:30 am! He definitely needs to get more sleep as well. I feel like I am falling asleep quicker and sleeping more soundly. I am not waking up easily in the morning yet, though.

Other thoughts: I’ve had quite a few people who aren’t familiar with Whole 30 ask why I am on a diet. This is a tricky question, and I try to handle it carefully. I have been trying to explain to them that its not a traditional “diet,” and I am not trying to lose weight. I am just trying to make the most healthy choices possible for 30 days, and I am doing it by Just Eating Real Food. I might be a little grumpy because I am saying no to ice cream right now, but I am not going hungry at all, and I am fully satisfied with what I am eating. This program has taught me that it is ok not to give in to my every craving for sweets or other things. Sometimes it is good to think about why I am craving certain things and what I am looking for it to fulfill. Most of the time, it is not hunger! I think it is good to reflect on why we turn to food when we really need something else. Of course, we can and should enjoy food and how it brings people together, but its helpful to be aware of the patterns we may be falling into, and consider if they are making us less healthy.


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