Snap-2014-05-20-at-07.11.11-194x300I am super excited about my “Love the Skin You’re In” series!  I have some fun and helpful guest posts lined up that I am looking forward to sharing. I’d like to introduce my first contributor to you…meet Lauren Talbot!  She is a Certified Nutritionist and author of the book, Clear Skin Detox Diet: A Revolutionary Plan to Heal Your Skin from the Inside Out.”  I met Lauren recently at a Flywheel event, where she was promoting her book, and was the resident nutritionist for their Flybarre Six Week Challenge.  We hit it off during our first meeting, and I am so grateful that she has agreed to share her Tips for Everyday Detox with us, here on the blog.  I have enjoyed getting to know Lauren, and am currently reading her book.  I am learning so much about digestion, and about how what I eat directly effects the condition of my skin.  I am happy to present her approach to you.  Health and wellness is not a one-way street.  There are lots of ways to get there, and what works for one person may not work for another.  I think it is so important to keep an open mind about nutrition and wellness.  We should always continue to learn about it and educate ourselves!  And, I must say, Lauren clearly practices what she preaches.  When we first were introduced, I immediately noticed her beautiful, radiant complexion!  Thank you, Lauren, for contributing this post!

Simple Tips for Everyday Detox: By Lauren Talbot

There are so many big misconceptions about health. We often make the mistake of thinking that “getting healthy” is something that should happen overnight, so we become pessimistic and disbelieving when results do not happen automatically. We live in a society that is in constant search of a magical pill, or cream, and then we want results yesterday without any effort or accountability.

Being “healthy,” or becoming “healthier,” is about educating and empowering yourself to make the best choices for your body, so that you can feel good in mind, body, and spirit. Healthy does not mean skinny. It is a place of balance, harmony, laughter and love.

You can become healthier each day by making conscious decisions to choose a healthier, more natural option, over a less healthy one. This does not necessarily mean “going gluten-free” or “vegan.” It can be really easy to eat gluten-free, vegan cookies, chips, pizzas, and “tofu” burgers that are loaded up with additives and other garbage unfit for a clean body. When I say “real food,” I am talking about the fresh fruits and vegetables in the produce section.

Here are a few simple tips for becoming healthier now:

1. Take probiotics to enhance digestion and improve the immune system. Probiotics are healthy bacteria. It is best to get them in the form of a supplement, not a yogurt. I like this brand: Garden of Life, probiotics for Women.

2. Keep your morning light, alkaline, and hydrating. Start each morning with at least 16 oz of pure water and then enjoy a mug of hot, or warm water and the juice from ½ an organic lemon. Add a little (no more than 2 tsp) raw honey if you like, to sweeten the deal. I challenge my clients to do this instead of their morning coffee. At least give it a try! Coffee is highly acidic in the body and lowers the body’s pH. Lemon water is highly alkaline, and promotes a strong immunity and healthy digestion.

3. Instead of a breakfast that will really “stick to your ribs,” make the first thing you put into your body light and nutrient dense. The more energy it takes for your body to digest a food, the less energy you have. A great morning option is a green juice or a smoothie, with water, greens and minimal fruit. The more leafy greens and green vegetables in our juices and green smoothies, the more highly alkalizing minerals and plant proteins available to us. Green juices and green smoothies should contain minimal fruit, as we want to practice giving our body sustainable energy, instead of spiking our blood sugar. It can be too easy to get carried away with more sweet fruit, than green vegetables, and then feel starving afterward, instead of satiated and balanced.  At the bottom of this post I have included a simple and detoxifying smoothie recipe!

4. Trade in all soda, diet and regular, for a homemade concoction of carbonated spring water sweetened with stevia and fresh lemon, or herbal tea. Soda is highly acidifying and stresses the immune system and slows digestion. There is absolutely nothing redeeming about soda.

5. Enjoy lightly steamed or sautéed vegetables at every meal.

6. Enjoy salads with an olive oil and lemon instead of bottled dressings. Bottled dressings usually have a ton of processed ingredients, additives, and unnecessary calories and fat, without a single beneficial nutrient. They can really make a salad offensive to the body. Guacamole makes an excellent dressing too!

photo 1-9Simple Detox Smoothie
o 2 cups water
o 1 large banana*, ripened, peeled and previously frozen
o 2 stalks celery*
o 1 cup cucumber*, peeled and chopped
o ¼ bunch parsley*
o 2 large handfuls spinach*
o 1 small pear*, or Granny Smith apple*, cored

Add the spinach and parsley to your high-speed blender, followed by the banana, apple, cucumber celery, and water. Blend until smooth. Store in a bpa-free container in the freezer until ready to drink. Add a little stevia for a sweeter beverage. *Always purchase organic when possible.

Be sure to check out Lauren’s Book “Clear Skin Detox Diet”, Blog“Diary of a Nutritionist”
and Website “The Glow Detox Diet.”

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