photo-40I had the opportunity to try an intro class at the first-ever SPEEDFLEX studio to open in the US this week.  Prior to taking the class, I had read a bit about it online.  But, I went in not really knowing what to expect because it sounded so unique.  SPEEDFLEX is a total body workout that combines low-impact, high-intensity, and interval training. The machines are hydraulic, which means you are pushing and pulling with every motion.  You don’t have to adjust the weight on it, it responds to the force you are putting out.  Because of this, it is a workout that can be suited to people of varying levels of fitness. The classes are only 30 minutes long, actually 27, and your heart rate is monitored throughout the entire class. You can see your stats on the monitor screens as you are exercising, as well as get a total overview afterwards of how you performed in the class.

How a SPEEDFLEX Class Works:

–8 people can participate at the same time, there are 8 different machines in the SPEEDFLEX circuit.

–There are trainers that guide and motivate you throughout the workout and demonstrate form.

–You do each exercise for 20 seconds before moving to the next one, there are 8 exercises in each “round”, an entire class consists of 7 total rounds.

–After the first 2 rounds you get a short resting time/water break, then you do 2 more rounds, rest/water break, then you complete 3 more rounds to finish the class.

–There are several different movements you perform on the machines.  They change out the exercises during each rest period.  So, you get a full body workout in 30 minutes.

For the intro class, I completed 4 total rounds.  I really enjoyed the workout!  The trainers were very helpful, and I liked that you could push yourself as much or as little as you wanted to.  As far as tempo of the exercises, I tried to work at a tempo similar to what I would do in a weight training session, maybe a little quicker, since you only are at each machine for 20 seconds.  I felt like I was able to maintain good form doing this.  After the 4 rounds, I wanted to keep going!  I look forward to doing a full 7-round class.  It was fun, the time passed quickly, and I felt like I was working hard.  Actually, I know I was working hard because I saw my stats on the screen at the end of the class!  You can try it too…your first class is free.  If you are in the Dallas area, check it out for yourself!


Go: SPEEDFLEX Dallas, 6015 Berkshire Lane, Dallas, TX 75225  /  Web:  speedflexusa.com

What I Wore:
Lululemon Wunder Under Crop w/Roll-Down Waistband + Scoop Neck Tank + Nike Free Flyknit 4.0

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  1. Thank you Andrea for your wonderful write up on Speedflex! We are proud to be the first studio in the US and excited to have Dallas as the main hub! Please come anytime to complete your full session in just 27 minutes!! We loved having you! Download our app: Speedflex Fitness to reserve your spot!
    Best -Speedflex Dallas Team
    @bikiniproe @SpeedflexDallas

    Posted 6.14.14 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Emily! You are so welcome. I look forward to seeing you and the Speedflex Dallas team soon…Thanks!

      Posted 6.14.14 Reply