photo-33This month, I am launching a new series, focusing on skin care and loving the skin you’re in.  I have some great contributors lined up who will be discussing ways you can show your skin some love, through nutrition, skin care products, and treatments.  The skin is the largest organ in the human body.  It should come as no surprise that what we eat and drink directly effects our skin’s condition.  Also, if you are like me, I often wonder if the products I am using are working for or against my skin.  There are so many lotions and potions out there, it can be hard to choose the ones that will work for you.  As I get older, I want to educate myself on how to protect and nourish my skin through nutrition, exercise, and skin care.

For this series, I am excited to collaborate with a few of my friends who are very knowledgeable on this subject.  They are going to teach me (and you!) what can be done to improve the look and condition of our skin.  We will be talking about products and treatments to use to treat and nourish the skin.  Equally as important, we will discuss what to eat and drink to get and maintain a healthy glow.  I am looking forward to sharing all that I learn with you.  And, let’s not overlook the fact that self-acceptance and feeling comfortable in your skin produces a radiance that comes from the inside, out.  Be on the lookout for my “Love the Skin You’re In” series starting this week!

If you have any questions relating to “Love the Skin You’re In”, comment below or send me an email…

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