photo-12If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my post about the Liebster Award.  Not sure how this originated, but basically it is a way to share the blogging love and discover new blogs.  How it works:  You are nominated by a blogger who follows you, and they give you some questions to answer to help others get to know you/your blog a little better.  Then, you post the answers and nominate other bloggers to do the same.  Fun!  I was nominated recently by my friend Natalie, of thirtyeightfive.  She and I  have guest posted for each other before, talking about the Whole 30 and Whole 30 Autoimmune Protocol.  Natalie’s blog is great, definitely check it out!  She writes about her health and wellness journey with Ulcerative Colitis, and her adventures in nursing (she is a trauma ICU nurse).  She also posts favorite recipes that she has created, as well as from her favorite sites and cookbooks.  I love sharing ideas and recipes with her, she always is coming up with something yummy.  We came to Paleo and Whole 30 for very different reasons, so it is interesting to hear her perspective and approach to it.  I have really enjoyed getting to know her!

Here are the questions Natalie asked me:

Q:  What motivated you to transition to a healthier/more alternative way of eating?

A:  I have always been interested in healthy eating, and when I heard about Paleo and Whole 30, I was curious.  But, I didn’t think I wanted to try it because I thought I was already eating pretty clean, and I did not have any health issues requiring me to change my diet.  Then, I read It Starts with Food” and realized that while I did eat a lot of whole, unprocessed foods, I was eating too many “diet” foods with fake ingredients.  In addition, I craved sweets/sugar often.  Another motivation was to make eating/trying new vegetables more of a priority for our family meals.

Q:  What is your favorite quick and easy meal?

A:  We all love the recipe/template for Curry fromIt Starts with Food.”  It is SO easy.  You choose the protein, type of curry, and veggies.  My fave combo is Red Curry with chicken, broccoli, red bell pepper, zucchini, and mushroom.  The sauce is made with coconut milk, so it is super creamy and delicious!  I usually make a double batch of it so we have leftovers for lunches.  A close second is Green Curry with Shrimp and whatever veggies we have on hand.

Q.  What is something you want others to know about you and your blog?

A:  I started this blog to share my passion for all things fitness and style related.  I try to post about a wide range of things that I like.  Hopefully it helps people discover ways to be active, ideas for healthy eating, and great shopping finds.  I am a mom and wife, doing my best to keep myself and my family healthy and active.

I am going to nominate two of my favorite fellow bloggers , who also happen to be sisters!  I am inspired by both of these women to be more creative in general and to keep consistent with blogging.  Here they are:

Steph @crazygoodmama:  This mama does it all, and she does it with style.  In addition to her blog, Steph has a design company, Joy Creative Shop, specializing in Graphic Design and Paper Goods.  I love, love her personalized note cards!  They are one of my fave gifts to give.  Check out her Joy Creative Etsy Shop for designs.  She has taught me so much since I began this blogging journey, and I am thankful to have her as a friend.

Kristen @inkfoods:  Kristen’s blog, Ink Foods is a one stop shop for decadent treats, ideas for decor, and helpful cooking tips.  She is a trained pastry chef, and has a knack for making a beautiful tablescape.  Kristen recently created a delicious Paleo dessert recipe for L&L.  She is so fun to work with!

I am going to keep it simple as well, and ask only 3 questions:

1.  How did you come up with the name for your blog, or is there a story behind it?

2.  What is the most important thing you want others to know about you and your blog?

3.  And just for fun, which recipe or restaurant are you loving lately?

Check out crazygoodmama.com and inkfoods.com for their answers to these questions…..

Welcome! Loubies and Lulu is a Dallas-based fitness, fashion, and healthy lifestyle blog by Andrea Overturf.

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