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I’m joining forces with my friend and fellow Whole30 Certified Coach, Whitney Stuart, RDN to host the Whole30 Dallas Duo coaching group!  Jumpstart your health and wellness goals with our support and make your resolutions a reality

Whitney and I are passionate about the Whole30, active lifestyle, and healthy, delicious food…and we’re partnering to offer the most comprehensive yet social Whole30 option!  Not only will you rock your Whole30, but you will have the best time doing it…

If you’re in the Dallas area and looking for support for your January Whole30, we would love to have you in our group!  Our starting date is January 8th.  

Click here to view details and sign up…registration is open and space is limited!    

Whole30 Dallas Duo JanuaryHere’s a more detailed breakdown…(if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!)    

Your Whole30 Welcome Package will include a bound journal with curated resources we have found to be most helpful in finishing a Whole30. Including but not limited to; the rules, grocery lists, meal planners, tips/tricks, exclusive recipes, restaurant guides, non-scale victories, and more! 

3 Group Coaching Sessions (with prix-fixe Whole30 Curated Menus)

  • January 6th, 1-3pm at Communion Cooperative:  Initial kick off to discuss rules, strategies, social outings and possible barriers, along with any concerns.   Let’s get it all out in the open!  (Journals and Whole30 Swag Bags will be distributed.)   
  • Halfway Point, Mudhen Meat and Greens (date/time TBA) – Session to discuss strengths and weaknesses, strategic menu planning, questions, and concerns.
  • February 3rd, 2-4pm at Communion Cooperative:  Planning your Reintroduction, questions, concerns…

Whole30 Dallas Duo Group Perks!

  • Throughout the month we’ve lined up weekly exclusive workouts/dining options in the Dallas area for you to try and enjoy!  No need to stress over the menu…we’re doing the homework for you to offer Whole30 selections at each restaurant!    
  • An exclusive Territory Foods discount to supplement your meal prep (we know it can be exhausting!)
  • 24/7 guidance in our Private Facebook Group, featuring daily inspirational/motivational posts from both Whole30 certified coaches.
  • Giveaways and exclusive Whole30 compliant product discounts all month long.
  • Weekly “homework” to ensure you get the full emotional and physical benefit of the program.

So…what’s the cost to participate in our group?  

Your investment is $200, which breaks down to less than $5 per day for 40 days of coaching from TWO Whole30 Certified Coaches!  From prep through reintroduction we will guide and support you through your entire Whole30 experience (30 days + 10 day reintroduction period).  Get the most bang for your buck by attending all three coaching sessions and as many of the other offerings as you can!    

We are thrilled to partner and offer you this program!  Questions/Comments please feel free to email me:  andrea@loubiesandlulu.com

Thanks for stopping by!  xx  Andrea









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