Healthy Holiday Coffee Drinks (Whole30)

nutpods healthy holiday drinks

Y’all know I love nutpods dairy free unsweetened creamers…Today I’m sharing three healthy holiday drinks I make at home using the nutpods Winter Collection!

nutpods creamers are a daily essential for me. I even switch flavors with the seasons! It’s serious, haha. These drinks are a wonderful alternative to pricey, sugar-loaded coffee shop drinks and are super easy to make at home. Occasionally I’ll enjoy a special holiday drink from a favorite local coffee shop (ordered half sweet!) but this is what I drink more often than not! 

nutpods healthy holiday drinks

Create Healthy Holiday Coffee Drinks at Home with nutpods Winter Collection!

The collection contains three flavors; Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, and Holiday Nog. It can be purchased on Amazon or nutpods.com (where you can use my one time code to save: loubiesandlulu). These seasonal flavors can also be purchased in three packs online and some flavors can be found in select grocery stores!

See my drink “recipes” below for Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew, Pumpkin Spice Dirty Chai, and Holiday Coffee Nog

These drinks are Whole30 compatible (meaning they are unsweetened and dairy free) but if you aren’t doing a Whole30 or just want to add sweetness, add a splash of nutpods sweetened to the nutpods holiday flavor (I recommend sweet creme or french vanilla) or a sprinkle of your favorite sweetener. Sweetened zero sugar nutpods are not Whole30 compatible as they contain stevia, but are a great choice if you want a sweeter cup. Of course, you can simply add the nutpods as-is to any coffee drink and it will be delicious, but these are extra festive! 

nutpods peppermint mocha

Froth it up…

While I’m also a fan of black coffee, these velvety drinks are such a treat! nutpods froth up well (hot or cold!) making them just right for my daily cup of collagen coffee or a creamy cold brew! I made the switch to nutpods several years ago at the beginning of my Whole30 journey and never went back to anything else. 

Speaking of frothers, I use mine every single day.

I’ve had a nespresso milk frother for years and it’s held up to frequent use. I use it for making hot froth, cold froth, hot cocoa, and matcha! You can use any type of milk or creamer.

Other frother options: I recently found this bodum frother under $30! It heats/froths just as well as the nespresso but does not have the cold function. This under $10 frother wand is a great find for making hot (heat creamer in microwave first) or cold froth. Plus, the portable size makes it great for travel! 

Peppermint Mocha Creamy Cold Brew

  1. Add ice and cold brew to a glass. I used unsweetened Chameleon Mocha Cold Brew for extra mocha flavor. You can use any type of cold brew you like but if you’re trying to avoid sugar double check the label to make sure there isn’t any added. 
  2. Add about 5-8 tbsp nutpods to a cup and use a frother wand for a few seconds, till you reach desired level of frothiness! If you’re using a nespresso milk frother just press the button until it turns blue to make cold froth!
  3. Pour the creamer into the cold brew, stir, and enjoy!

nutpods peppermint mocha cold brew

Pumpkin Spice Dirty Chai

  1. Brew a cup of chai tea. My favorite is Numi Rooibos Chai (and it’s decaf). 
  2. Heat and froth 5-8 tbsp Pumpkin Spice nutpods in your frother
  3. Add frothed nutpods to the tea
  4. Brew a shot of espresso into the creamy tea mixture. (I use espresso pods for my Nespresso Vertuo machine)
  5. Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon, stir, and enjoy!

nutpods pumpkin spice dirty chai

Holiday Nog Coffee

  1. Super easy, just froth your desired amount of nutpods Holiday nog and add to your fave type of hot coffee
  2. Top with a sprinkle of nutmeg and enjoy! 



Outfit Details: Sweater / Coated Denim (on sale!) / Boots (under $55)

Hope you enjoy these drink recipes this holiday season! Be sure to also check out the details on my Holiday Coffee Cart (with lots of great items from Walmart!) in this post

Do you have a healthy homemade holiday drink hack? Please comment and share it with me! Thanks for stopping by…

Photography: Audrie Dollins 

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