photo-19Earlier this week I signed up for a noon Fly45 class at Flywheel in Plano.  Before class started, I had a little time for retail therapy.  I shopped the new floral line that was just released this week.  It is SO fun, and perfect for spring! Floral prints are everywhere this season, and active wear is no exception.  Mixing florals in with everyday workout basics is a way to freshen up your look as the weather warms up!  I fell in love with several of the pieces.  I liked the tanks knotted on the side and layered with a strappy sports bra for barre or cycle class.  (I wore my Lululemon “Free to Be Wild” Sports Bra underneath.)  The buttery-soft sweatpants, sweatshirts, and hoodies are perfect for lounging, or to/from class.  With so many cute options, it was tough to make a decision about what was going to come home with me!  If you are in the Dallas or Plano area, stop by Flywheel Texas for a class and check out the new stuff while you are there.  And, if you purchase $100 or more of Fly retail, you get a free floral “Never Coast” tote.  It is adorable, great to use as a gym or pool bag!  Here are some photos of the new florals. I even included some Fly Gear for the guys.  Can’t forget about them!  I especially love the “Fly” baseball caps.  I would buy one for Ryan, and then totally steal it!



I got so carried away with my little try-on session, I had to rush to get my booty in class on time, ha! Fortunately, they take care of all the little details for you at Flywheel, so it was easy to get situated quickly.  I grabbed my shoes (that were ready and waiting for me), water, towels, and headed into the stadium to my reserved bike.  Mark Shipman taught the class, love him!  He is a great instructor, coaching you on and motivating you to push yourself the entire time.  Great music, too!  This time, we did a lot of climbs that built up slowly, really challenging both my strength and endurance.  Between these, we did some fast pedaling with sprint intervals.  The second to last song was dedicated to upper body and arm exercises with the weighted bars.  My first few times at Flywheel, the Torqboard (large screen displays that occasionally flash leaderboards that show how you are performing!) was kind of intimidating to me, but now I look forward to seeing where I fall in the class!  I wouldn’t say that I am super competitive, but I was psyched to see that I ranked third at the end of class this time.  That’s progress!  Also, its sort of fun that you get to pick your nickname for the Torqboard, so it can be as anonymous as you want it to be.  Or, you can opt out of the Torqboard and view your numbers on your private online Flywheel account instead.  They break down everything for you, your average resistance, speed, calories burned, and more!

All in all, a great way to spend an afternoon…shopping + flying!  In case you were wondering, the grey braided-back “Fly Love” tank was my fave…it followed me home;-)  I still want some of the super-soft burnout sweatpants, though….and the off-shoulder burnout Fly Floral sweatshirt!  If you are not near a studio, you can still purchase Fly gear online at Bloomingdales.  They don’t have the florals out yet, but here are a few pieces they have, and they are on sale!  Check it out….

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  1. i want to buy the gray sweatpants and sweatshirt with the floral fly wheel where can i get them thanks so much

    Posted 12.9.14 Reply
    • Andrea wrote:

      Hi Karen,
      Flywheel changes out their retail selection pretty frequently, at least once a month, usually. These spring florals are no longer available, as far as I know. I was just at my local Flywheel studio this week, and they have a great winter collection out right now:-) Hopefully you can find something you like in the new collection…

      Posted 12.10.14 Reply
      • Where do I find flywheel inventory online to order?

        Posted 12.10.14 Reply
        • Andrea wrote:

          As of now, they don’t sell online, but let me send a quick email to my local studio manager to see if they can ship you something:-)

          Posted 12.10.14 Reply
        • Andrea wrote:

          Hi Karen! I did a little digging, and you CAN order via email or by phone, yay!! You can contact: Caitlin at Flywheel Highland Park at 214.504.2205. Or email retail@flywheelsports.com. You can view photos of the latest collections here: http://blog.flywheelsports.com
          Hope this is helpful:-)

          Posted 12.10.14 Reply