photo-7Just a short and sweet Whole 30 update:

Energy Level:  My energy levels have been consistent.  I did not experience a big drop in energy during the first week as I had in previous Whole 30s.  Yay!

Mood:  I felt grumpy and irritated for no particular reason for most of this week.  This has happened every time I have done the Whole 30.  I just have a few days where I feel off, and like I want to punch someone in the throat.  This time, I think it may have had something to do with the fact that I was craving sweets, there is so much temptation this time of year, and I had to just make myself look away.  Or, it could have had something to do with eating treats from the State Fair on the day prior to beginning…maybe it took a week to get all the junk out of my system!  This is the part where you have to just “Suck it up, Buttercup,” and keep moving forward.  It gets better!

Performance:  Workouts this week felt normal.  I felt strong in the gym, during my weights and cardio sessions.

Sleep:  This is starting to improve.  I have to confess that 2 nights I did not go to bed on time, but the rest of the nights I did.  I woke up much easier at the designated wake up time when I went to bed early.  It is hard for me to wind down and just go to bed sometimes, but I can see that it is worth it when I do!  I feel good, and it is so much nicer to begin my day feeling a step ahead of the game.

Everyone’s experience will vary, but read this general Whole 30 timeline to get an idea of what to expect…Week 2, here we go!




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