Today, I was pumped that I was finally got to take class with the founder of BEYOND Studios, Brandi Marino!  I have taken class at Beyond before, and it always great.  But, I love getting an opportunity to take class from the teacher who started the concept.  I think it really allows you to see the vision/idea behind the workout. Brandi’s nickname is “The Assassin,” and after today I totally see why…she wants you to have a killer workout. Her passion shows in her teaching style.  She is super detailed, and she really wants you to get it right, so that you get an amazing workout.  I loved all of the cues she gave throughout the class.  It was very helpful, especially as we got to the last half of the workout.  It is so easy to let your form get a little sloppy towards the end, because you are fatigued!  Brandi was not having any of that, she was so motivating.  She coached us through perfect form until the very end.  I loved that, because good form helps to avoid injuries and get the most from your workout.


The class started off with some cardio intervals to warm up.  We started on the trampolines, doing step ups, then push ups, planks, and finished with sets of lunges.  Oh yeah, and we repeated that little circuit like 3 times!  I was super sweaty before we even stepped onto the reformer!  Sometimes, in pilates classes that are set to music, they move quickly, and form can be hard to manage.  Not the case for this class!  Brandi took the time to explain the movements before doing them.  On the reformer, we did movements for arms, back, legs, and core/trunk at the end.  It was a super efficient total body workout.  I walked out of the studio with an exercise endorphin high!

Brandi also plays close attention to trends in activewear.  She has a great eye for what looks good!  In her studios, you can find the latest in leggings, tanks, and tees.  Today, I got a cobalt-blue (my fave color!) burn-out Beyond tank with the Dallas skyline from Outline the Sky.  I’m kinda obsessed with it.  I actually changed out of the tank I was wearing, and wore it immediately to work out in!  I might need it in another color.  They had blue, hot pink, and orange.  The bright leggings from Glyder they had were awesome as well.  Today, I wore my Athleta “Drifter” Crops again.  Love them!  I am almost as passionate about clothing as I am working out, ha!  Well, maybe equally passionate;-)

If you have not been to Beyond, you need to go try a class!  They have lots of classes to choose from, and 2 locations, plus Beyond Cycling.  It is fun, fresh, and an amazing workout!

Go: BEYOND Pilates, 5915 Forest Lane, Suite 310, Dallas, TX 75230 AND 4248 Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX 75225


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