April 11, 2014

I love sky high wedges in the summer as much as the next girl, but there are some days that call for a lower, more walkable wedge.  For example, an afternoon spent with my toddler, when I know I might be required to break into a sprint at any given moment!  Or, a day walking around browsing shops or sightseeing.  I have been on the lookout for wedges that are not-so-high, and these are some of my favorite ones that I have come across lately.  Click on the items above and below for product information…



photo-11I completed my most recent Whole 30 at the end of January.  It helped me re-calibrate myself after the holidays and start off the new year right.  Since then, I have been eating Whole 30ish the majority of the time.  I don’t have any allergies or conditions that require me to eat this way.  I just feel so good when I do, that I want to stick with it! Treats are an occasional thing, and I am starting to notice patterns of what I really think is worth it to have as a treat.  I have found that thanks to Whole 30, I have become more selective about what qualifies as a treat.  For me, it tends to be either ice cream, pizza, wine, or Tex-Mex!  I really don’t miss things like rice, bread, or peanut butter.  The bread thing is a breakthrough…never thought I would say that!

I try not to have treats during the week, I usually save those for the weekend.  An ice cream cone with the kids on Saturday afternoon, a cocktail with dinner on Friday night, etc.  Let me be clear, though, that I don’t plan a specific cheat day or meal.  In my experience, that approach is totally setting yourself up for failure and bad habits, click here for why. For me, it is easier to stay focused on eating clean all week, and then “off-road” a bit on the weekend if something is appealing.  All of that being said, I have a few events coming up this month, that I would like to look and feel my best for.  Remember how I said in the past that one of my fave things about Whole 30 is that you can do a shorter version, and use it as a quick re-set if needed?  Well, I am thinking its time!  I started a Whole 15 today to help me accomplish this.  Sometimes its just easier if I know I have to say “NO” to certain things.  It takes the mental guesswork out of it, and simplifies things for me.

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April 7, 2014

As a child of the 80′s and 90′s, the very first time I saw Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I fell in love with Sloane Peterson’s white leather fringe jacket.  And, her high-waisted paper bag waist shorts, but that is a whole other blog post!  I remember telling my mom that I needed that jacket!  Ever since then, I have been a fan of fringe.  It goes in and out of style (or does it really, in the southwest?), but every time it comes back, I gravitate towards it.  I especially like it as an element in accessories.  A little fringe goes a long way.  I did end up getting a white faux leather fringe jacket, and I wore that thing out…yikes!  The pieces featured here are great, updated ways to wear fringe.  Click on the images above and below for product information…




1175552_505702479514127_193393807_nWow…can’t wait to fill you all in on this!  I was one of the lucky 45 that had the opportunity to ride with Jillian Michaels at Flywheel in Highland Park on Friday. It was amazing, to say the least!  She was in Dallas for her Maximize Your Life tour, and stopped by to teach a cycling class with Mark Shipman before her speaking engagement.  Watching Jillian on tv and in her home exercise videos, I had always wondered what it would be like to train with her in real life.  She comes across as hard-core, yet inspiring.  Let’s just say she did not disappoint!  She was as high-energy and motivating in person as she is on screen.

The stadium was filled with anticipation because everyone was pumped to be there for the class.  She walked in, and my first thought was whoa…she is gorgeous and so defined!  I had total arm envy.  Hello, new goal: Jillian Michaels arms!  She was wearing a cut-off tee, loose Free City sweats, and sneakers, but despite the baggy clothing, you could still see how fit she truly is.  Going into it, I was not sure what the format was going to be, but turned out that Jillian actually taught the class, while Mark was up on the teaching platform.  Because she was not on a bike, that meant she was working the entire stadium, going around and literally making sure people were not coasting.

To be honest, it was exhilarating, terrifying (I mean that in the best possible way), and fun!  The way she lead the class was super motivating, mixing tough love with positive messages.  It totally worked for me!  I will admit though, it was a little un-nerving when she would come over to check your monitor to make sure you were pedaling at her specific torque and speed.  Kept me on edge, thinking she was coming up behind me to yell at me to go faster!  I loved her teaching style, her playlist, and that she used a lot of high resistance intervals.  It was a very challenging ride.  She incorporated some sprints, but just the right amount, in my opinion.  We also did upper body moves with the weighted bar towards the end of the class.  By the middle of that segment, it felt like the bar weighed 50 lbs.  Again, I did not want her to catch me pausing for a little break, so I powered through.  Maybe that’s her formula for success…a combination of big inspiration, instilling a little fear, and teaching people to truly enjoy exercise!  It was awesome!  I am so glad I got to experience Jillian’s class with an amazing group of Flywheel riders and instructors.

(Left: Me + Mark / Top Right: Jillian + her amazing arms / Bottom Right: Jillian + Mark)                                       What I Wore:  Flywheel ”Never Coast” Tank, Lululemon ”Core Kicker” Crops & “Free to Be Wild” Sports Bra

photo 2-4

Every time I take a class at Flywheel or Flybarre, I am tempted by their great selection of branded workout and lounge wear.  I usually end up coming home with something!  They have lots of cute tees and tanks, buttery soft sweat pants and hoodies, and fun leggings in bright patterns and prints.  The more crazy and bright the print/color is, the better!  When I go to Flywheel, I like to wear cropped leggings in technical fabric that wicks sweat and a loose or fitted tank with a strappy sports bra peeking out.  Its the perfect outfit for cycling class!  Afterwards I am so sweaty, if I am not showering there, I like to throw on a loose top or wrap with an interesting neckline or cut-outs over my outfit.  Some of their activewear is now available at Bloomingdales, so you don’t even have to be near a studio to purchase.  Scroll through the Flywheel gear below, along with other pieces that would be perfect for any cycling class!

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April 3, 2014

This was not my first visit to bodybar in Dallas, but it had been a while since I had been in!  For my first-time experience, click here.  This time, I was invited by a friend who is a bodybar instructor, Kristen Hawkinson, to try one of her classes.  I signed up for the “Power Tower” […]

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April 2, 2014

My daughter has always had definite ideas about what she wants to wear.  As she gets older and has entered into the tween age group, that is true now more than ever!  I love to go shopping with her to observe what she likes and chooses to wear.  Our tastes don’t always match up, but […]

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March 27, 2014

Another sweat-inducing circuit for Work It Out Wednesday!  This time, I am focusing on legs, glutes, biceps, and abs.  If you aren’t comfortable with Barbell Squats, you can substitute Wide Squats (holding a dumbbell, or body weight).  Add this circuit to your workout.  Do the 4 exercises, one after the other, not resting between sets. […]

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March 25, 2014

Kristin and I have been friends for several years, so I was excited that she would be teaching my first official class at Beyond Studios.  Looking up the schedule online, I was happy to see there are several different types of classes that Beyond offers.  They offer PILATESremix, SWEATremix, STRETCHremix, BARREremix, and CYCLINGremix.  I chose […]

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March 21, 2014

I have a couple of events coming up that are going to require new dresses!  I actually love shopping for dresses.  It’s a departure from my everyday casual/active apparel, so its kinda fun for me to get to shop for something different.  I have seen several black and white dresses lately that I love!  Whether […]

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March 19, 2014

Summer is coming…I want to ramp up my workouts with some extra movements targeting the lower body! Here is part of the circuit I did yesterday.  I posted a quick video on my Instagram account (loubiesandlulu) to give an idea of good form for each movement.  In the coming weeks, my goal to to post […]

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