Zoom Whitening at Dallas Dental Concierge and Invisalign Recap

invisalign and zoom whitening results at Dallas Dental Concierge This post was sponsored by Dallas Dental Concierge.  All opinions are my own.

My Invisalign process at Dallas Dental Concierge is complete! 

I’m very pleased with the final result and how my smile looks! Dr. Christian suggested a Zoom whitening treatment as the finishing touch and I was excited for the opportunity to brighten my newly straight smile. Thinking about whitening before the holiday season? Dr. Christian is offering special pricing, two days only this month…details below! 

In-office Zoom Whitening is quick and easy! 

As an avid coffee drinker, my goal for this treatment was to whiten and brighten! Once I was prepped and settled in, I listened to music and zoned out while the formula did its magic. The treatment consists of 4 increments of 15 minute treatments. Whitening gel is applied to the teeth and then a special light is placed close to your teeth for 15 minutes. After each increment the gel is rinsed off and a new layer is applied, then the light applied again. 

For maximum results, all four cycles are recommended…

I experienced sensitivity, so I decided to stop after I had completed two. Sensitivity can vary from person to person. But, when I looked at my teeth after the treatment they were noticeably several shades whiter and I was thrilled! Dr. Christian sent me home with an easy to use at home whitening kit to maximize the results over the next few days.

Immediately after the Zoom treatment at Dallas Dental Concierge
Immediately after my Zoom treatment at Dallas Dental Concierge

Moving forward, Dr. Christian also suggested I drink my coffee through a straw and rinse my teeth once finished. This has taken some getting used to but it’s worth it to help maintain my results. Plus, I’m not as tempted to continue to drink coffee throughout the day! Because I like hot coffee in the morning I use a glass straw (also tried silicone straws but did not like them). 

Invisalign Recap:

After my initial 26 week Invisalign treatment plan, we did a few more refining sets to get the desired result. The most crowding was on my bottom row of teeth so it took a little extra time to get that area where we wanted it to be. Now, I love how my smile looks! For extensive details on Invisalign, see my previous post…I also saved a “Smile” highlight on instagram where I’ve shared throughout this process! 

Special Zoom Discount for L&L Readers:

Treat yourself to in-office Zoom whitening for $350! Book a Zoom appointment for October 14 and the 24 and save $225 on this treatment (regular price is $575)! This treatment is authentic zoom bleaching, with immediate results up to 8 shades lighter.  During the holiday season, Zoom is in high demand, and there limited appointments are available at this price, so book your appointment today and be sure to mention you heard about it here! 

Special thanks to Dr. Melisa Christian and the Dallas Dental Concierge team for providing excellent care and and for partnering with me on this post!  Dallas Dental Concierge is located at 4514 Cole Ave in Dallas.  Call 214-760-6035 to schedule your consult…

Photography: Stephanie Drenka 

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