My Invisalign Experience at Dallas Dental Concierge

Invisalign with Dr. Melisa Christian at Dallas Dental Concierge This post was sponsored by Dallas Dental Concierge.  All opinions are my own.  

I’m excited to share my experience with Invisalign today!  If you follow me on instagram you may have heard me mention it over the summer or watched my recent Q&A with Dr. Melisa Christian.  In this post you’ll find answers to common questions, my personal experience, and an exclusive offer from Dallas Dental Concierge!  And, I’ll update this post when the process has been completed… 

Invisalign had been on my mind for about a year, as I noticed my teeth had shifted and started to crowd.  Not a huge deal, but something I wanted to have corrected!  I was hesitant to look into it because I didn’t know if Invisalign was right for me.  

Dr. Christian has been my dentist for years and during my regular checkup and cleaning I casually mentioned I was interested.  She captured my attention with her explanation of how much it has improved over the years.  When she said my case was typical and treatment could possibly be as short as a few months, I was sold!


I returned soon after for my personalized Invisalign consult and got the ball rolling!  

We met to go over my goals for the treatment and a scan of my teeth to send to Invisalign, to create my aligner sets.  I was shocked when they didn’t have to take any impressions of my teeth with sticky impression material!  It was over before I knew it and I could go about my day!  (see photos below.)          

Two weeks later, my aligners had arrived!  It was an adjustment to get used to wearing them over the next day or so, but after that it started to feel “normal.”  Here is what you can expect:

  • At first the attachment points on your teeth feel strange but you get used to them.  
  • It eventually becomes more comfortable to wear the aligners than not to wear them.  
  • Your teeth feel slightly sore when you start a new set of aligners but it’s not painful.
  • The aligners are thin and not obvious.  You don’t really notice them in photos or in person.  
  • Speech is not affected.  At first I thought I sounded different but it was just my perspective.  No one else noticed!  
  • You might have to switch to clear lip gloss/balm or long wearing lipstick as regular gloss/lipstick can transfer and stain.  For range of colors and performance this is one of my favorites…
  • Added benefit:  I snack less because it really has to be worth it to remove them and brush after I eat each time.  I also find myself drinking more water because that is all I can consume with the aligners in place.  Win-win!  

I started the process in June, and I’m over halfway through my 26 week treatment plan!  

Invisalign has become a very simple and low maintenance part of my everyday routine.  I was given 13 sets of aligners to go through and I’m currently on set 8.  The only thing I have to remember is to wear them as much as possible and switch out every two weeks.  (Each set comes pre packaged and marked with the start date.)  And, there’s already a noticeable difference in my smile!  

I’ve been pleased with my overall experience and would recommend to anyone who wants to improve or maintain their smile!  That being said, a smile is always beautiful, (but if you do Invisalign it will be straighter)!  

Many of you submitted questions for Dr. Christian and I’ve compiled the answers here, in one place:     

Question:  What is the average length of treatment?

Answer:  8-12 months is average.  It depends on severity of case, and can involve more or less time.  

Question:  What is the investment/cost?  

Price ranges from $800-$5500 depending on complexity and length of treatment of your case.  There are 4 levels of complexity.   Your insurance plan may include it in their coverage.  

Question:  What types of issues can Invisalign correct?

Answer:  The most common uses are crowding, spacing, overbite, missing teeth (possibly closing gaps)

Question:  What makes Invisalign special?  Why do you choose to use it in your practice?

  • Invisalign is the gold standard in invisible braces, and they’re constantly improving.  Important features include optimized tooth colored attachments for anchorage, improved plastics, thin design, and very user friendly.  
  • Invisalign offers “impressionless” impressions with their scan, which takes an accurate 3D image of your teeth.  No messy impressions involved.  It’s simple and effective!  Scans are sent directly to Invisalign on day of your appointment to speed delivery of aligners and treatment process.  Treatment can start as soon as a week and half after consult!  
  • With the scan, you can view a before and after simulation immediately to see projected outcome.  You get a preview of your smile before you even start!  

Dallas Dental Concierge has a friendly, welcoming team.  My office visits have been easy to schedule and stress free which puts me at ease, especially as someone who sometimes gets nervous before dental appointments!  

Invisalign with Dr. Melisa Christian at Dallas Dental Concierge

A special offer from Dr. Christian and Dallas Dental Concierge!

To find out if you’re an Invisalign candidate visit Dr. Christian for a free consultation and Invisalign scan.  If you commit to treatment before the end of 2018, you’ll save 20% on your case!  Be sure to mention this blog post when booking your appointment.   

To show you another perspective and type of treatment plan, my friend Lee, at Do Say Give is sharing her experience today as well.  Visit her blog to read all about it and let us know if you have any questions we can answer or pass along.  Whether your case is typical or extensive, you can see how both of us are benefiting from Invisalign as patients of Dr. Christian!

Invisalign with Dr. Melisa Christian at Dallas Dental Concierge

Special thanks to Dr. Melisa Christian and Dallas Dental Concierge for partnering with me on this post!  Dallas Dental Concierge is conveniently located at 4514 Cole Ave in Dallas.  Call 214-760-6035 to schedule your consult…

Photography:  Audrie Dollins 

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